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Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance

Solution Overview | Commodity Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

ibm_logo_80.png HP_Enterprise_logo_80.png Dell_EMC_logo_110.png Cisco_logo_40.png
z, p, i Series HX-UX, MPE/iX, OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX PowerEdge  Cisco UCS 
LenovoLogo_sm_80.png Fujitsu_80.png Oracle_90.png  
x Series PrimePower Solaris 8,9, 10  

Curvature is recognized as the global top performer for independent support for servers within the data center. Our server maintenance provides comprehensive break/fix support, spanning most hardware platforms from leading manufacturers. We provide consistent results while retaining agility to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our maintenance solutions cover brand name like Cisco, DellEMC, HPE, IBM, Oracle with optional call-home monitoring and soft ware support.

Our mission is to enable IT Freedom to our customers by removing pain points and identifying areas to improve our availability and work efficiently throughout our partnership.

Key Features

ClearView™ Assessment:

  • Procurement decision makers can benefit from our ClearView™ assessment as it simplifies and clarifies any risk to the environment and removes the concerns raised by the technical team.

Technical decision makers will be skeptical if unaccustomed to third-party maintenance (TPM) providers, rather what should be termed Independent Service Solutions Provider (ISSP). A ClearView™ assessment and review with Product Management will clarify any risks and mitigate concerns so that they make an educated decision.


Enhanced Software Support: 

  • Server support includes remedial operating system support which is designed to assist customers with hardware restoration to POST only. Enhanced software support offerings are available either directly or through the utilization of our partners.

Curvature Product Management can provide enhanced solutions for the following platforms:
IBM: zOS, AIX, OS/400 
HPE: HP-UX, MPE/iX, OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX 
Oracle: Solaris 8, 9 and 10 


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