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SFP Series Optical Transceivers

You have an alternative to high-cost optics. Curvature Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers offer Gigabit Ethernet performance in a compact package. All our optics are 100% compatible with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) requirements and are tested in a wide range of products and platforms across all leading networking vendors to ensure performance.

Curvature's optics are sourced from the same suppliers used by all the major manufacturers. Manufacturers buy their optics from master suppliers who code and label the optics for them. The real difference between manufacturer and Curvature brand optics is our optics are not marked up to the degree of the manufacturers – which translates into significantly better pricing for you.

With cost savings of 70-90% off of manufacturer list prices and stocking locations around the world, Curvature can help you meet your budget and logistics requirements. All Curvature optics come with a true lifetime warranty.

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To learn more about Curvature and third-party optics, please read our "Third-Party Optical Transceivers - Innovation for Your Bottom Line" blog post.

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