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Quality Assurance

 Curvature’s Equipment Procurement and Testing Process

With unparalleled process controls and expert product knowledge guiding Curvature’s TL 9000-certified* quality management system, Curvature customers can rely on receiving authentic equipment that performs like new in production networks. The following quality assurance stages ensure that our customers consistently receive only Curvature Certified equipment.

  1. Inventory Procurement

    Curvature buyers order new-surplus or displaced used equipment from end-user companies or UNEDA approved equipment vendors. Equipment authentication begins during procurement.
  1. Shipment Received

    Operational specialists open deliveries and verify contents to ensure exact match with purchase order terms and conditions.
  1. Physical Inspection

    Damaged/broken items are immediately rejected and returned to seller, and internal vendor quality ratings adjusted accordingly. Undamaged items are accepted and assigned Curvature serial numbers for tracking. Any equipment with minor cosmetic damage will receive repair and refurbishment services (see step 7).
  1. Detailed Authenticity Verification

    All pre-owned equipment undergoes a second authentication process with rigorous inspection procedures that are unique to each product type.
    • Serial numbers verified against available databases
    • Labels, holograms, internal component manufacturers, workmanship and other identifiable characteristics inspected
    • Suspect equipment immediately quarantined to ensure inventory integrity. Rejected equipment immediately destroyed or returned to vendor with complete rejection rationale report

  2. Inventory & Serialize

    Equipment meeting form, fit and functional authenticity requirements is “binned” into Curvature inventory management system.
    • Equipment assigned a unique inventory location that corresponds to serial number affixed during step 3 above. Daily inventory cycle counts ensure inventory accuracy.
    • Non-serialized items (cables, rack mounts, accessories) recorded in Curvature’s inventory system, assigned a location for tracking purposes, and inventory levels verified daily

  3. Initial Equipment Testing
    • Each individual unit, whether a chassis or module, tested to manufacturers’ specifications; each slot or port powered on and examined through a network; full-load testing using Spirent instruments available
    • Each transmitting optical port’s capability verified using a light-metering device that measures the strength of the LED or laser to ensure that it meets OEM capability and specifications
    • Detailed visual inspection to detect component failure and physical damage
    • Rigorous counterfeit abatement program ensures equipment authenticity
    • Any unit failing any portion of the examination is rejected and will not be sold
  1. Refurbish and Repair

    All equipment is thoroughly cleaned, non-manufacturer stickers removed and interior components treated with compressed air to remove dust and debris.
    • Repair technicians correct minor physical defects such as missing screws, damaged connectors; or dents, scratches and chips on a chassis.
    • Paint specialists ensure cosmetic condition is free from scratches and rivals “like new” visual standards
  1. Customer Order Processed

    Items ordered by customer are removed from inventory and delivered to testing lab based on sales order.
  1. Customer Order Fulfillment

    Technicians verify that all items needed for requested configuration are included and are compatible. Order is configured and re-tested to specifications.
    • Equipment is assembled to customer specifications (e.g., Cisco Catalyst 6509 chassis has all requested modules, memory upgrades and power supplies installed)
    • Assembled item is powered on, synchronized and tested as a fully configured unit
    • If customer has purchased software upgrades from the manufacturer, upgrades are installed (Curvature does not sell software licenses.)
    • If specified by customer, Curvature technicians pre-load software configurations allowing plug-and-play installation at customer site
    • Testing output is captured for post-sale support purposes
    • Any items failing testing are removed from inventory and returned to seller
  1. Packaging & Delivery

    Tested orders are delivered to the packaging department where contents are again verified for completeness.
    • Equipment expertly packaged in custom containers, static-free packaging, insulated boxes or custom crates as dictated by type, weight and size of the equipment
    • Shipping addresses and delivery instructions are verified, packages shipped accordingly
    • Customer receives automated tracking information confirmation

*Curvature has earned TL 9000 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications in five locations and one product category. Certification number TL12848