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Curvature Brand Memory DDR3

High-quality server memory at a fraction of manufacturer prices.

Curvature carries a wide array of double data rate (DDR3) dual in-line memory modules (DIMM). With superior savings, quality, and compatibility at the same level of performance, they are a great alternative to the major manufacturers’ high-cost memory.

Memory is in stock and ready to ship. Each DIMM we carry has different capacities, speeds, voltage rates, and form factors. They also have different pin counts and notch positions. DDR3 is the higher-speed successor to DDR and DDR2. They are neither forward nor backward-compatible with any earlier type of memory, because of different signaling voltages and timings as well as other factors between the technologies and their implementation.

Curvature brand memory is sourced from the same suppliers used by all the major manufacturers. Manufacturers buy their memory from master suppliers who then label the memory for them. All our memory is tested in a wide range of server products and platforms across all leading server manufacturers to ensure performance. The real difference between manufacturer and Curvature brand memory is that our memory is not marked up to the degree of the manufacturers – which translates into significantly better pricing for you.

With cost savings of 70% off manufacturer list prices and stocking locations around the world, we can help you meet your budget and logistics requirements.

Curvature offers a lifetime warranty on Curvature Brand Memory. Please refer to the warranty page for full warranty details.

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