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Cisco Wireless

Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network is composed of five interconnected elements that work together to deliver a unified enterprise-class wireless solution. The five interconnected elements are client devices, access points, network unification, world-class network management, and mobility services. Beginning with client devices, each element adds capabilities as network needs evolve and grow, interconnecting with the elements above and below it to create a comprehensive, secure WLAN solution.

Mobility Services – Unified built-in support of leading-edge applications is not an afterthought. Products include: Cisco Wireless Appliance, Cisco WCS, Cisco Self-Defending Network, NAC and Wi-Fi Phone.

World-Class Network Management – World-class network management system that visualizes and helps secure you air space via Cisco WCS.

Network Unification – Network Infrastructure that functions smoothly across a range of platforms: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Wireless Services Module (WISM), Cisco wireless LAAN Controller Module (WLCM) for Integrated Services Routers, Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Integrated Wireless LAN controller, Cisco 4400 Series and 2000 Series wireless LAN controllers, and 20000 Series wireless LAN Controllers.

Access Points – Access points are dynamically configured and managed through LWAPP or autonomous operation. Cisco Aironet access points: 1500, 1300, 1240G, 1230Aft, 1130AG, and 1000. Bridges: 1400 and 1300.

Client Devices – The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is an industry-leading comprehensive solution that encompasses client devices, access points, controllers, switches and routers, world-class management, and mobility services with enterprise-class support. It provides solid investment protection via a robust product portfolio, unified architecture, smooth migration path to future enhancements, and extensive technology migration programs. It supports real-time business-critical applications and creates a secure, mobile, interactive workplace for organizations deploying WLANs.

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