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IBM Storewize

The IBM Storwize family provides all-flash and hybrid storage solutions with common functionality, management, and mobility. IBM’s Easy Tier solution is optimized tiered storage management.

Storwize is highly scalable into the petabyte range with high-density enclosures, and allows near-continuous availability of applications through dynamic migration. The controllers are all dual nodes with redundancy. For example, the 524 series Gen 2 v7000 has dual nodes, each with an 8-core processor.

The OS is managed by IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize software, and Storwize is an industry leader in providing virtualized storage solutions that are simple and scalable.


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Storwize enables high-availability, two-site configurations with IBM’s HyperSwap. It complements server virtualization with IBM PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere, Kubernetes, and Docker.

There are two Storwize families. The entry-level to mid-range class, which is v5000 (two generations available on the market), and the v7000 (three generations available on the market), which serve midrange through enterprise class. Drive sizes for the Storwize are the SFF 2.5” and LFF 3.5” and range from 10-15K rpm SAS, 7.2K rpm NL SAS and SSD. Channel capabilities range from 8 to 16 GB fibre, available also in LW, 1 Gbe to 10GBe. Drives range from 12 TB NL SAS, to 900gb 15K SAS, to 2.4 TB 10K SAS, to 15 TB Flash SSDs.

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