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Remote Office Deployment

Step 1, Discovery
Discuss requirements with engineer to determine what hardware is needed for these new offices.

4 typical remote office needs:
Out-of-Band Management/ LTE Back-up Opengear
Networking Equipment, Routers, Switches, Wireless Cisco
Battery Back-up APC
Physical Infrastructure APC

Company A has a new office in the Midwest with 15 employees.

  • Services required
  • Various equipment needed

Step 2 - prepare for Deployment

  • Need this equipment pre-installed into the rack?
  • Need remote configuration before shipping?
  • Curvature can configure, rack and ship equipment ready to deploy.

Company A has no local technical presence. Let our Smart HandsTM save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Labor

When all you need is a pair of hands to install. Let Curvature be those hands, saving time + money.

Step 3 Installation

  • Equipment is shipped to location (pre-configured upon request)
  • Want to install equipment yourself or use Curvature’s Smart HandsTM support?
  • With Smart HandsTM our technicians will be on location to receive and install equipment
  • Technicians will verify that all devices are fully functional and have connectivity for the client

Company A hires Curvature technicians to be at the location for equipment delivery.

  • Install
  • Verify Connectivity
  • Ready to go

Step 4 - next Steps

Company A doesn’t have local support staff and would benefit from Curvature’s service offerings.

  • Manage
  • Monitor
  • Maintain

“Need to open remote offices in North America, Asia, or Europe? We can replicate this globally because we are everywhere your company is growing.”

If your company is growing, consider Curvature's Networking and Data Center Solutions:

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