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Two New Websites Designed to Simplify and Speed IT Infrastructure Decisions

Today’s IT leaders face formidable challenges—from keeping pace with technology changes to maximizing capex and opex spend. We recognize the growing complexities, which is why we’re constantly seeking new ways to streamline purchase processes and improve customer experiences.

To that end, we’re excited to launch two new websites. First, our upgraded corporate website features a more intuitive user interface and new navigation to better showcase our wide range of products and services. The site also provides useful tech guides, e-books and whitepapers along with unique insights into the value we deliver as an independent IT solutions provider trusted by more than 15,000 organizations worldwide.

On that site, you’ll find details on everything from our Remote Hands IT Infrastructure Support to Data Center and Migrations services that leverage proven methodologies to assess, plan and execute complex migration projects. You’ll also learn more about Curvature’s unique blend of services and hardware bundles, which are carefully curated to simplify the most complicated IT infrastructure demands.

And, to make it even easier for our global customers to interact with Curvature, we’re also introducing our first-ever eCommerce site. In the Age of Amazon, Curvature customers now can purchase their most requested IT accessories—such as transceivers, solid state drives, memory and network interface cards—all by the single click of a “purchase” button. More than 100 Curvature-branded products are offered for expedited delivery at between 50% to 90% off typical manufacturer list prices.

What does this news mean to our customers? They now have an easier-to-use vehicle to gain insight and awareness about Curvature’s three main lines of business—third-party maintenance, new and pre-owned products as well as IT services. Additionally, customers can streamline the purchase of accessories—even preorder the cables, memory and other accessories they need at regular intervals.

Consider these new websites as a Fast Pass to better IT purchase decision aided by an expedited procurement path. Enhanced technical specs and stats also are designed to help customers make the most informed choices in an easy and straightforward way.

Reflecting Curvature’s true status as a global company, our corporate website launched in nine languages—English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean—which while no easy task, only represents one-quarter of the languages in which we do business in around the world.

With more than 100 offices and service centers in 11 countries, Curvature’s dedication to helping customers manage, maintain, upgrade and support their multi-vendor networks and data centers remains unwavering. Now more than ever, our customers need simple, intuitive and expedient ways to do business. So take advantage of our new corporate site and try out the eCommerce process by registering below. I’m interested in hearing what you think.

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Written by Randi Mitev, VP, Global Marketing

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