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Cisco 6500 Series End of Life Support

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6509 Support Strategies: You can now extend support and avoid forced upgrades

As of November 2012, support will end on your 6503, 6506 and 6509 chassis. If you are happy with your current 6500 configurations and want to avoid an upgrade, Curvature will continue to sell and support all classic 6500 chassis models for as long as you want to keep them in your network.

Don’t be pressured to upgrade. Utilizing the cost savings strategy of “keep what is working” by delaying any unnecessary upgrades is enough to earn the respect of any CFO. If you don’t need 80Gbps/slot capability from the Sup2T or have ultra-demanding PoE deployments requiring 6000W or 8700W power supplies, don’t upgrade. Curvature will work with you to extend your upgrade cycle and provide significant savings. We carry popular current generation, hard to find previous generation, and end-of-life items to support your existing network.

Consider these facts and decide what’s right for you.

6500 Chassis –
Extend support on the classic or upgrade to the 6500-E?
Stay with the Classic 6500 chassis Upgrade to the new E chassis
  • Curvature will continue to sell and support all 6500 series equipment.
  • Increase performance without moving to the E. Upgrade existing supervisors in your current chassis to increase performance to 40Gbps/slot and 10GbE capability.
  • By staying with the classic, you avoid a full forklift upgrade and delay the capital expenses required to upgrade.
  • Cover all 6500 equipment with NetSure™, our premium maintenance offering, to get 24×7 support and next-day replacement.
  • Upgrade on your timeline, not Cisco’s.
  • You need 40GbE capability and want to use the Sup 2T for 80Gbps/slot performance.
  • You have demanding PoE deployments and need support for ultra-high output 6000W and 8700W power supplies.
  • You are looking for maximum 10GbE density in the 6500 platform and would like to utilize 67xx/68xx/69xx line cards in all slots of a WS-C6513-E and Sup2T.

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Popular 1800, 2800 and 3800 Series Routers Reach End-of-Sale Date.

Due to the volume of these popular routers in circulation, it is likely that many network operators like yourself are affected by the Oct 31, 2011 End-of Sale date. With Cisco’s newly aggressive policies that aim to force upgrades, we urge you to take a careful look at your existing service plans to determine if switching to NetSure™ – our premium maintenance offering – is right for you.

Statistically, these routers will continue to meet your needs long after the Cisco End of Sale and End of Life dates. To ensure support on your gear remains uninterrupted until you decide it’s time to upgrade, take a look at NetSure™.

Product End of Sale (EoS) End of Life/Support
1800 Series Routers Oct. 31, 2011 Oct. 31, 2016
2800 Series Routers Oct. 31, 2011 Oct. 31, 2016
3800 Series Routers Oct. 31, 2011 Oct. 31, 2016

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