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NetSure - Reduce Your Network Maintenance Expenses

Are you spending too much on network maintenance?

We've all heard about the pain of being "upside down" on a mortgage. In the world of Cisco networking, being "upside down" on a maintenance contract can be equally painful. It means you're paying more to protect a piece of equipment than it's actually worth.

Replacing expensive SMARTnet® support with Curvature's NetSure® service is a great way to "right size" your network maintenance while lowering operational expenditures (OPEX). NetSure also helps you extend the usefulness of equipment no longer covered under SMARTnet, so network upgrades can be done on your timetable, not Cisco's.

Curvature's highly experienced Cisco-certified specialists are available around-the-clock to apply their hands-on expertise to your entire network, including the often overlooked network edge and remote offices where SMARTnet is cost prohibitive. And, if cost savings of more than half of SMARTnet prices aren't compelling enough, then consider the following steps we'll take to help you optimize your maintenance plans.

IT Asset Maintenance

It starts with our Cisco-certified technicians performing a network assessment and careful cost-to-value analysis of your current maintenance program, including hardware replacement, technical assistance and software support. Also identified are areas where your network may have inadequate protection and exposure to downtime or outages.

Next, we'll work with you to tailor a program that ensures comprehensive coverage without colossal costs. Curvature's experts will recommend areas best served by NetSure's 24-hour Technical Assistance Center and next-day equipment replacement service as well as those network elements more ideally suited for effective sparing strategies or where the continuation of SMARTnetmakes the most sense.

Curvature's team blends different maintenance options to produce the greatest value at the lowest OPEX. The result: more time, resources and valuable budget dollars to invest in technical innovations that drive business growth and competitive advantage.

Find out where you can save, schedule a network assessment for your organization today. Click here to contact a Curvature technical professional.

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