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Curvature Value Proposition

Control Your IT For IT businesses and technology decision makers who feel confined by traditional OEM channels and solutions and want to reduce both Capital and Operational expenditures, increase efficiencies, productivity and growth; for those who want to take back control of their IT infrastructure, Curvature is here to help.

Curvature offers a broad set of products and services that provide you choices and alternatives to traditional industry norms. The options made available by Curvature eliminate waste and allow assets to be utilized as long as desired without adhering to OEM forced upgrades or refresh cycles.  

Unlike rigid OEM and traditional channel partners, who offer proprietary and inflexible solutions, Curvature provides products, features, prices and support that offer an array of options including new, pre-owned, previous generation, 3rd party and Curvature brand products and services, empowering you to take back control of your IT infrastructure. 

"You’ve saved our bacon more than once – and this time you made our team shine on a very visible project.  Thank you again."

- VP of IT operations, global brand & advertising agency