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Wireless Performance and Deployment Services

Curvature wireless services
Curvature delivers a wide array of wireless solutions, including: Survey, Design, Deployment, and Wireless Professional Services.

Optimize Your Access Points with fast and accurate Site Surveys

Wireless Site Surveys from Curvature measure the wireless performance across your complete site.  Using the latest and greatest tools available, we measure signal strength at your facility, then provide a heat map displaying any issues, such as signal strength, channel overlap from competing access points, and rouge access points.

Site Survey Planner is used to map out the best placement for access points in new or existing deployments, including channel allocation and required signal strength to optimize the solution.  Curvature attempts to reuse existing AP placement when optimizing the installation to reuse cabling already in place.

Let Us Help You Design Your Wireless Environment
Designing a wireless environment is often more complex than planning for wired connections.  For example, security is central to designing a successful and safe wireless installation.  Curvature offers a full wireless solution design service tailored to meet your requirements and budget.  And our designs are always based on industry best practices.  Curvature collaborates with you throughout the design process, from high-level scoping workshops to low-level planning that drive the technical configuration and deployment.

We Are Here To Help With Your Deployment
Deploying wireless infrastructure is a challenging task, involving multiple vendors and having very specific requirements. The deployment of the wireless controllers, access point installation, cabling and commissioning of the solution can be managed by Curvature using a combination of Curvature engineers, Project Managers and our network of trusted partners. We will plan the deployment accordingly to ensure it goes smoothly.

Wireless Solutions in Summary

  • Performance measurement, troubleshooting, and design optimization
  • Wireless and WLC Solution Design
  • Wireless Security
  • High Availability
  • Device type optimization
  • VoIP considerations
  • 802.11 a/g/n/ac support
  • Network integration
  • Cabling and Installation
  • Testing and validation of the installed base
  • Wireless Project Management
  • Wireless as a Service

Wireless Solutions Data Sheet

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