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Enivronmentally Responsible Networking

Environmentally Responsible Networking

With our long history of refurbishing and reselling IT equipment, environmental responsibility is a fundamental principal at Curvature. Our commitment to the environment drives us to develop programs that encourage green IT practices by making them financially beneficial as well as environmentally friendly.

Green IT can be a challenging proposition for many organizations. Recycling, eco-responsible, energy efficient and carbon-neutral innovations are often expensive to implement. Many IT managers want to adopt environmentally friendly practices, but not if it means sacrificing infrastructure, application or security budgets.

Asset Recovery: It Pays to be Green
Curvature's asset recovery program extends the useful life of networking equipment while giving companies a way to recoup value in surplus routing, switching and IP telephony technology. Selling equipment to Curvature is a practical, simple way to be green and benefit financially.

By buying, refurbishing and reselling equipment, Curvature reduces e-waste. In 2013, 501,875 items we shipped were pre-owned/used. This resulted in 3,640,630lbs. (1,651,361kgs.) of potential e-waste that was saved from landfills. That equates to 1,820 tons (1,651 metric tons) and represents nearly 3,150 dump trucks lined up for almost 8 miles (or 13 kilometers)!

Refurbished Equipment: Eco-Friendly and Budget Friendly
Companies embracing the reuse of IT equipment are saving money and extending networking equipment lifecycles. While Cisco and other leading manufacturers often release product upgrades every three years, switches and routers have a much longer useful life. Reuse is a powerful component for environmental sustainability as it reduces waste materials and lowers consumption of fossil fuels used in the continual manufacturing of new equipment.

Curvature's asset recovery program saves more than 1,800 tons of potential e-waste from landfills each year. This represents nearly 3,150 dump trucks containing used networking equipment lined up for almost 8 miles.


Energy Efficient Technologies
Curvature partners with manufacturers like Dell Networking, that are leading the industry in eco-efficient innovation. Dell Networking manufactures products using advanced chips that consume less power as well as promote intelligent power management. The company also works with partners and customers to implement automated power saving functions as well as best-practice design approaches to reduce data center power and cooling requirements. Curvature offers Dell Networking customers the ability to remarket displaced, used networking equipment and apply that credit to the purchase of a high-density, high-performance Dell Networking solution.

Four Simple Steps to Go Green
Working with Curvature, companies can immediately take practical, cost-effective steps to improve environmental responsibility:

  • Develop an IT asset management strategy that includes end-of-life planning for remarketing and recycling equipment.
  • Amend procurement practices to include refurbished options for networking equipment, especially when cost, immediate delivery or a need for previous generation equipment is a factor.
  • Extend upgrade cycles by avoiding upgrades forced by manufacturer product end-of-life (EOL) announcements. Curvature's NetSure® maintenance program supports EOL equipment until your next planned upgrade.
  • Consider leasing equipment from Curvature to both minimize initial investment and ensure end-of-life asset management.