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Whether you need to set up an advanced, software-defined network or merely renew your software licenses, Curvature is here to help. Virtualization technology has led to a radical paradigm shift in the industry: you can lower your costs, reduce the space requirements and energy consumption of your data center equipment, and provision new resources quickly and efficiently. Virtualization is also the first step towards developing your strategy for the cloud. The sales and technical experts at Curvature will draw upon our knowledge, partnerships, and portfolio of products and services to deliver the right virtualization solution for you.


Curvature chooses VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company, to empower you to innovate and thrive by streamlining your IT operations. From desktop to server to network to storage virtualized solutions, Curvature will work with you to maximize performance and availability in your data center. Virtualizing infrastructure in your data center and across your network, VMware enables your IT team to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Curvature is a certified VMware partner
  • Trained VMware sales and technical experts on staff
  • Integrates with a wide array of Curvature product lines and solutions
Curvature is a Premier Partner of HGST, a Western Digital company which boasts a broad portfolio of PCIe-based flash storage and Solid State Disk (SSD) solutions for the enterprise and data center.  As flash storage increases in prominence, Curvature and HGST can support enterprise-class storage needs for your data center, Web 2.0, and nearly any type of virtualized environment.
  • Curvature is a certified HGST partner
  • Trained HGST sales and technical experts on staff
  • Integrates with a wide array of Curvature product lines and solutions
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
At Curvature, we believe that SDN - and the open standards and platforms that it enables - will drive evolution in the network and data center more than any other force in years to come. Many incumbent OEMs will have you believe that their products work better together because they come from the same company, but that is simply not true. A number of up-and-coming vendors who have developed specialized, software defined products are providing new ways to combine best-of-breed offerings that come together as compelling and integrated solutions. Curvature partners with product and solution providers on the forefront of the SDN phenomena to address your most challenging IT problems, and we will work with you to identify and develop the SDN solution that best suits your needs.

Key Product Lines & Partnerships: Cisco, Dell, Arista Networks, A10 Networks, Silver Peak, VMware, HGST, and Supermicro