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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Staff Augmentation

Curvature provides a full range of global IT staffing services for technical positions, from field engineers for data center infrastructure support to server/virtualization, network and storage engineers to DBAs.

At some point, every company will eventually require additional experienced and certified hands on deck. Hiring in the traditional model can be a time-consuming process involving job advertisements, interviews, referencing and onboarding. Staff augmentation removes these time-intensive barriers, allowing for rapid access to skills or headcount.

Key Features

Control Over Staff

Contractors slot into existing structures like standard employees, allowing for easier management of resources.


Integrate contract resources with existing business processes instead of trying to manage off-site or outsourced teams.

Reduce Employee Burdens

Reduce the burden on permanent workforce and reduce the rate of stress and absenteeism.

Meet Aggressive Project Timelines

Get the work completed when there is little to no lead time for a project.


Scale up and down based on revenue upturns or client need without the associated payroll liabilities.

Reduction in Labor Overhead

Pay-as-you-need. Simply pay the rate multiplied by the number of hours worked with no ongoing commitments.

Business Benefits

Engineer and workers on building site
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Reduces time spent on recruitment
  • Eliminate hiring mistakes
  • Avoid unemployment claims
  • Eliminates the additional costs of having in-house employees
  • Not bound by geographical limitations

Services Offered

Temp to Perm or Long Term

We focus on enlisting top candidates in the technology field ready when you need them. Our primary goal is to remove obstacles from your path in hiring someone who is ready and eager to contribute to your organization.

Our recruiting process includes the following vital steps:

  • Review candidates’ resumes to identify core skills that our Global clients need most
  • Meet candidates face to face for more in-depth screening
  • Test for technical skills
  • Perform background checks, verify references
  • Scan social media activity, as needed
  • Assess language skills, including grammar and spelling

Project Solutions

Full-service staffing performing technology consulting, and professional services with highly qualified specialists for your projects worldwide. We are dedicated to creating an exceptional experience with remarkable customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a strategic or small project, our staff is there to serve you. We employ only the best. Our people are recognized specialists in their fields and our number one mission is to help you succeed.

Temporary Staffing

We provide your business with dedicated temporary staffing consultants in place to oversee a successful implementation. The result is increased responsiveness and accountability. Highly trained and qualified, our staffing agents are experts in screening talent and assessing proficiency. We conduct focused behavioral interviews and comprehensive skill assessments to ensure you get the exact temporary staffing solution you need.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Our global capabilities mean that you can rely on Curvature as your single partner for Staff Augmentation needs
  • Over three decades of real time experience supporting IT infrastructure, globally
  • Direct global reach augmented with global partners
  • Skilled technology labor across 195 countries
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