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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Choose the services you need or let us handle the process from beginning to end.

Our comprehensive IT Asset Disposition service includes all computing devices from large mainframes and storage arrays to end-user devices like phones and PDAs. We offer secure on-site or off-site data erasure, drive destruction, equipment recycling and hardware resale. Our globally local approach forces a secure chain of custody followed by indemnification certificates of erasure/destruction. Choose the services you need or let us handle the process from beginning to end.

Business Benefits

  • Single vendor solution
  • Proven global solution
  • Secure chain of custody processing
  • Full service process from de-install, packing, transportation, erasure/destruction processing, recycling and certificate delivery
  • Fill gaps in your ITAD strategy with a single contract

Service Details

We offer a robust set of asset disposition service offerings to help fill gaps in your ITAD strategy.

Decommissioning of computing devices

Range of devices include mainframes and large storage arrays down to End-User Computing (EUC) devices including laptops, desktops, phones and more.

Process include hard-drive erasure and destruction

Our certified process includes Lock box services and Secure chain of custody.

Devices can be repurposed, resold or recycled

Recycling meets or exceeds environmental laws.

Curvature has a unique position as we can become a potential buyer of enterprise hardware with little to no market value to support our maintenance operation.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Ability to dispose of all ranges of computing gear
  • Not a “one-size-fits-all” service
  • Global coverage and topology
  • Curvature can become a "buyer" for equipment that may have little to no value elsewhere
  • Practical and proven solutions
  • World-class customer commitment
  • Technology neutral

“Curvature was migrating two of my large data centers into one. It was at the end of the migration that we realized we still had equipment remaining in both locations with only days to clean out the sites. The Curvature team sent their local guys in, plus additional support from their regional operations group, and cleaned out both data centers in parallel and met our deadline. The best part is we got money back to use for other ITAD projects!"

- IT Director, Manufacturing Company

Defer CapEx Reduce OpEx

Certified process | Lock box services | Secure chain of custody


How much do I get for my equipment?

Equipment value depends on a variety of factors including age, condition, make/model, market conditions, end-user vs. enterprise, location, etc. Curvature is unique as we can sometimes offer value for equipment that has little to no value in the marketplace but has value to support our maintenance business.

Do I still need to erase to Department of Defense (DoD) 3-pass/7-pass standards?

No, the NIST 800-88 is the new advanced one-pass global standard. Processing time is faster and certificates of erasure provide proper indemnification.

What are my most significant expenses in removal?

The most significant costs for equipment removal are onsite processing and transportation. Some organizations require onsite services, which is fine; however, onsite services cost more and requires secure onsite logistics (e.g., secure areas for processing, packaging, trucks, etc.). The other higher cost factor is transportation. Finding a local vendor who can process and resell is key to minimizing transportation costs.

IT Asset Disposition At-A-Glance


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