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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Staging & Configuration

IT refreshes and deployments require dedicated space to configure and test hardware before it’s installed. Our global distribution centers and 100+ service locations provide a secure place to store, configure and test your IT hardware prior to deployment.

Curvature’s Staging & Configuration services leverage our global distribution and service centers to securely store, configure, test and ship IT assets worldwide. This service encompasses data center hardware, such as compute, storage and network, and end-user devices such as laptops/desktops, printers and hand-held devices. Our technical staff are versed in an array of technology platforms and can image or configure any device type prior to deployment.

Once your IT assets are ready for deployment, our logistics team will package and ship the devices to your location in coordination with a deployment plan, ensuring the asset is available when the installation technician arrives.

See our Deployment page for technical field services on hardware installation or our Wireless Transformation page for wireless deployment.

Staging & Configuration Services

Asset Preparation

Preparing asset(s) for deployment by loading a client-specified image, customizing and/or tailoring as required, and installing additional hardware components if/as required resulting in a more efficient on-site installation requiring less time.

Pre-Shipment Testing

Sometimes testing after configuration and before the asset is shipped to its final destination is needed. We work with you to define and implement a pre-shipment testing regimen where required.

Packaging and Shipping

We prepare an asset for shipment along with its required accessories from either our Global Distribution Center or from our regional staging facilities.

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Faster Deployment. Single vendor global solution for staging configuration and deployment with Curvature project managers and field engineering capabilities ensure an organized execution.
  • Cost. The ability for Curvature to perform installation and deployment on a global basis reduces costs associated with large-scale rollout or tech refresh initiatives.
  • Reduced Risk. Ensures consistency in the tasks performed at each installation location.
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