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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Physical Data Center Relocation

Curvature provides turn-key solutions for physical data center relocations, from basic asset moves to full end-to-end white glove service, anywhere around the globe.

From small server moves, to moving thousands of data center assets globally, Curvature has been relocating data center hardware for over 20 years. Our team of relocation experts are experienced with the nuances of physically moving data center assets and know the risks to avoid. When it comes to the deinstallation and reinstallation of assets, we use our Field Engineers, who work in data centers everyday and are experienced with handling critical systems. Why trust your relocation to a general-purpose moving company?

Have a multi-manufacturer environment? Usually that means you’ll have numerous vendors and trucks all trying to access the same location at the same time. Not with our relocation. Our project managers are well versed at working with and coordinating the manufacturers for a successful move. In most cases, the manufacturer will put their hardware in our transportation vehicle, so there isn’t a traffic jam at your loading dock.

Basic Box

Curvature’s Basic Box service is for the packing and transportation of data center hardware from one location to another (dock to dock only). We use professional electronics packers/shippers to ensure no physical damage to your equipment. And all hardware is electronically tracked (GPS) throughout the process and is full insured.

Assist Relocation

Curvature’s Assist Relocation is a white-glove data center relocation service, that includes a green light to green light verification process. This ensures any hardware issues are immediately addressed during the reinstallation process. Assist Relocation covers project planning, with detailed hour-by-hour plans for each move group, field engineers for deinstallation, packing, transport, reinstallation and power-on with green light verification. Hardware issue during power-up? Our green light SLA means we will either use our own spare parts to get the system up and running or we’ll coordinate with your warranty provider to remediate.

Optional Service Add-Ons

Sometimes you need more help with a relocation, and that’s where Curvature truly differentiates from others.

The following services can be added to any relocation project:

  • Move group planning
  • Physical site audit
  • Port/cable mapping diagrams
  • Asset tagging
  • Pre-staging devices and decommission
  • Virtual Migration

Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • Global relocation capabilities
  • Hour by hour project plan or equivalent T-minus documentation
  • Real time asset tracking from start to finish via our Move Tracker
  • Field Engineers to handle assets, not general-purpose movers
  • Green light to green light hardware verification; ensuring your hardware is in working order once it is put in our hands and when it’s put back in yours
  • Specialized transportation partners and equipment ensuring security, climatization and the ability to track loads during transit
  • Local warehouse sparing for high failure parts
  • Fully insured - $3M per vehicle
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