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IBM is a leading manufacturer in complex servers and mid-range to enterprise storage. IBM offers the iSeries, pSeries, and zSeries, as well as a large selection of premium mid-range to enterprise storage systems, including their DS disk storage family, TS tape storage family, XIV, Flash series, and Storwize storage solutions.

Curvature is an Authorized Business Partner and Solutions Provider of IBM new storage systems and entry-level to mid-range servers, professional services, and cloud services. We offer leading-edge products for your critical production site needs. In addition, Curvature can supply pre-owned N-1/N-2 and older generations in iSeries, pSeries, zSeries, DS disk product, XIV, Flash, TS tape product, and Storwize products for production, disaster recovery requirements, or testbed projects. We can provide a customized new or pre-owned complex server or storage solution, along with maintenance and global professional services support to satisfy your business requirements. Curvature offers a limited 1-year warranty on parts replacement for all pre-owned IBM storage, which can be supplemented with a maintenance service agreement. New IBM products ship with the IBM warranty that is provided with a new equipment purchase.

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