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We are delighted to announce that Curvature is joining Park Place Technologies.



Cisco 网络维保

我们是全球硬件维保的合作伙伴,在网络设备的整个使用周期内提供支持。 24显示提供路由器、交换机、无线网络设备支持,包括零部件、人工和远程技术支持。


NetSure®为网络设备提供最高质量和最可靠的第三方维保支持。 我们的支持专为满足您的预算和性能要求而设计,在行业处于领先地位。 把你的合同金额减半。 涵盖所有网络硬件设备,包括路由,交换,无线和安全产品。

不想被SMARTnet®或其他合同所限制? 我们提供的独立维保支持提供灵活,全面的覆盖,可根据您的网络需求进行定制。 选择我们的NetSure选项,您就可以享受完整的网络硬件维护和支持,包括高级硬件更换,经过认证的网络工程师提供24小时技术支持,以及访问singlePoint®-我们的定制门户网站,可满足您所有的订单需求。



Category Platform Remote Technical
Routing Cisco8xx X X X
Cisco16xx, 17xx, 25xx, 26xx, 36xx, 37xx
Cisco18xx, 28xx, 38xx (G1) X X X
Cisco19xx, 29xx, 39xx (G2) X X X
ISR4xxx (G3) X X X
Cisco72xx, 72xxVXR, 73xx X X X
Cisco76xx X X X
GSR 12000 X X
ASR1xxx X X X
ASR9xxx X X
Switching Catalyst 29xx, 35xx, 36xx, 37xx, 38xx X X X
Catalyst 4500X X X X
Catalyst 4900, 4900M X X X
Catalyst 4500, 4500-E X X X
Catalyst 6500, 6500-E X X X
Catalyst 6800 X X X
Metro Ethernet 4xxx, 26xx, 34xx, 3xx, 49xx X X X
Nexus 2000 N/A X X
Nexus 5000, 5500 X X X
Nexus 9200, 9300 X X X
**Select LDoS N7K Linecards X X
Wireless AIR-APxxxx WAP X X X
AIR-WLCxxxx Controller X X X
AIR-CT25xx Controller X X X
AIR-CT5xxx Controller X X X
ASA55xx (non-FPWR, FTD) X X X
Voice CP-xxxx phones X X
AS5xx Voice Gateways X X X
VG2xx, VG3xx Voice Gateways X X X
Other ONS 15454 (non-DWDM) X

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  • 延长设备的使用寿命并延迟技术更新
  • 按计划升级硬件,而不是止于思科的支持终止日期
  • 合同和供应商相结合,产生灵活的合同条款,这意味着您可以在某个位置混合和匹配服务级别
  • 只要部件可用,就为产品提供技术支持
  • 响应时间更快
  • 显着降低支持成本,而不降低服务水平(降低运营支出)


  • 更换损坏的硬件Defective hardware replacement (in forward stocking locations)
  • 远程技术支持

Optional Features

  • 现场服务

Customer Challenges

Whether you are in procurement or a technical role, below are some common pain points we solve.

Customer Need | Pain Point
Budget Pressure – Need to innovate and maintain existing network with shrinking budget.
One Number to call regardless of support provider
Support Contract Consolidation and Flexible Contract Terms
Defer CapEx and forced hardware upgrades based on manufacturer End of Life milestones
Current provider delivers scripted low-level Technical Support
Having to prove a hardware failure before the manufacturer ships a replacement
Paying for software updates that are free or no longer being released
Cost savings without sacrificing quality


Why Curvature

Meet Curvature
  • 800+ badged field engineers (less than 5% contracted labor)
  • Global central engineering team provides development, training, and Level 3 support
  • Wholly owned spare parts inventory (non-shared logistics) located around the globe in 100+ service centers
  • Continual hands-on technical training conducted in our labs on live gear
  • Comprehensive development methodology to define support capabilities for all roadmap products, prior to support commitment

Customer Resoures

Curvature ClearView implementation icon


Identify support risks and make maintenance strategy recommendations with ClearView

Curvature singlePoint contract management icon


Track service activity and make contract management simple.

Curvature is the world’s largest global TPM provider. According to Gartner, “Using a TPM can have significant benefits, including hard dollar savings, the ability to escape OEM postwarranty maintenance increases, the ability to extend the life of IT assets, and having additional flexibility in contract structure.”

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“Curvature has always been there for me with what I need. I can always count on my account manager to provide me with good solutions for hardware I need, when I need it, at a price point that is hard to beat with a lifetime warranty to boot!"

—Network Operation Engineer, Healthcare Company

Cut costs
without sacrificing
service levels

Optimize your infrastructure and extend the useful life of your hardware

Do I need SMARTnet to get software updates?

No. Cisco’s IOS updates are free for its LAN switches from 2960s up to 4500s. We have also found that 40-60% of the devices on our clients’ SMARTnet contracts were no longer receiving new software updates.

What if I want to work with one support provider only?

Curvature makes the process seamless with our one-number-to-call service (Concierge Desk). You can call us whether the device is covered by Curvature or SMARTnet. We can open cases on your behalf with Cisco.

How do you support new technology like my Catalyst 9300 platform?

Simple; we do not. We will always identify where newer platforms should remain under the manufacturer’s support.

We have to be PCI compliant. Does that mean I need SMARTnet?

PCI standards require you to patch any known vulnerabilities. Cisco makes patches available for free through its PSIRT notices.

Are End-of-Life assets the main devices you support?

No. That is only a fraction of what we support. For example, we support LAN switches from day 1. Most of the devices we support are in-life.

Is the best strategy for you to support my edge devices, and Cisco to support my core?

No, not necessarily. For example, nearly all of the 6500-E supervisor engines are no longer getting software updates making the chassis a perfect fit for Third-Party Maintenance.

According to Cisco, you don't have the right to convey the software license on the spares you provide. Is that correct?

Our belief is that software transfers with the sale of hardware under the “First Sale Doctrine” under U.S. copyright law.

如果我的网络对我非常重要,而且我只信赖思科的 SMARTnet,我为什么要考虑你们的技术支持呢?


Network Maintenance At-A-Glance – Download Here

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  • Remote Hands
  • Migration
  • Disposition
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