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Entity Names

SMS entities are changing their brand name to Curvature. There were no changes to ownership structure, personnel, phone numbers, locations, registration numbers, tax ID number, or remittance addresses. Please see below for the details by country and entity. Please remember to visit this page periodically for new updates as the timing of the name changes in each country varies.

Your current contacts remain the same, but email addresses have been updated to [email protected]. Answers to many questions regarding our name change can be found here:

Specific legal entity name changes are listed below:

Previous Legal Entity Name
New Legal Entity Name
New Bank Account Name
New Bank Account Name Change Date
United States Curvature LLC no change no change no change
United States SMS Systems Maintenance Services, Inc. Curvature, Inc. Curvature, Inc. September 8, 2017
United States Prism Pointe Technologies LLC Curvature, Inc. Pending Pending
Canada Systems Maintenance Services (Canada), Inc Curvature (Canada), Inc. Curvature Canada Inc September 7, 2017
United Kingdom Exquip Network Services Limited Curvature Services (UK) Limited Curvature Services (UK) Limited August 16, 2017
Denmark Careitec A/S Curvature A/S Pending Pending
China System Maintenance Services (Beijing) Technology Limited Pending Pending Pending
Hong Kong System Maintenance Services (Hong Kong) Limited Curvature (Hong Kong) Limited Curvature (Hong Kong) Limited August 2, 2017
Singapore SMS Systems Maintenance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Curvature (Singapore) Technology Pte. Limited Curvature (Singapore) Technology Pte Ltd July 24, 2017
Malaysia SMS Systems Maintenance Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bdh. Curvature (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Curvature (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. September 19, 2017
Thailand Systems Maintenance Services Limited (Thailand) Curvature (Thailand) Limited Curvature (Thailand) Limited September 8, 2017
Macau SMS Systems Maintenance Services (Macau) Limited Curvature (Macau) Limited Pending Pending
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