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Curvature Brand Hardware

Curvature Brand Hardware is Your Best Option.

Curvature Brand products offer a wide selection of reliable and high-quality networking equipment, including transceivers, memory, and drives, all available at competitive prices.

Curvature is a trusted source for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Our products are designed to meet the same specifications as the original manufacturer equipment (OEM) equivalents and are sourced from the same Tier-1 suppliers. By cutting out the middleman, we can offer significant cost savings that we pass on to our customers.

Our Curvature Brand products come with a limited-lifetime warranty, ensuring our customers’ long-term investment protection. By offering cost-effective alternatives, we have established ourselves as a trusted source for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their IT infrastructure while keeping costs low.

Consider Curvature Brand

Inventory is well-stocked and readily available in Curvature’s distribution centers, located in AMER, EMEA, and APAC, which allows for Next Business Day shipments to nearly anywhere in the world.




Key Features

Flexible, customizable, and hybrid solutions
Next Business Day shipping on most products
Same Tier-1 suppliers used by manufacturers
Limited lifetime warranty and advanced replacements
Proprietary Curvature Testing Environment (CTE) software

Multi-manufacturer compatible

All new, high-quality, reliable equipment (SSDs, memory, transceivers)

Our brand products provide quality, cost effective alternatives to traditional options.

Why Curvature?

Most data centers and enterprise networks have IT infrastructure from multiple OEMs. When it’s time to refresh or upgrade, you benefit when you have an industry-leading supplier such as Curvature.

In addition, after an asset goes End of Life (EoL), End of Service Life (EoSL), or End of Sale (EoS), you still need to find the gear to keep your data center running. Curvature can source equipment long after an OEM stops manufacturing or servicing the parts.

Business Benefits

The benefits of optimizing your enterprise and data center networks with equipment from Curvature cannot be overstated:

Reduction of overall costs leads to increased return on investment (ROI) on IT infrastructure
Sourcing hard-to-find or EOSL parts
Data center managers can rest easy knowing that hardware is optimized, and service is quick and efficient
Improved performance, reliability, and scalability
Match your existing infrastructure
Free up resources and capital to reinvest in other projects that require upgraded technology

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Ask the Expert Series


Getting to Know Server Memory – Ask the Expert [Video]



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