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Network Wireless.

Curvature supplies a wide range of new and pre-owned wireless products for your enterprise network from manufacturers such as Cisco, Meraki, HPE/Aruba, and Fortinet.

We specialize in access points and controllers for your enterprise. All products undergo rigorous testing before being made available for shipping, and the majority are in stock and ready to ship.


Wireless technology continues to improve in every industry across the globe. With the help of wireless technology, people can respond more quickly to downtime. Additional advantages of wireless technology include improved efficiency in data communication due to faster transfer of data, flexibility, improved security, coverage, and cost savings.

Cisco Wireless Access Points

Cisco WAPs are also known as just access points (APs). WAPs are hardware that make it possible for mobile devices to connect to your local network, both wired and wireless. A WAP is easy to set up and increases the range of a router in order improve internet access, strength, and connectivity and minimize dead spots, especially in large areas or buildings. Say good-bye to cords and cables!

WiFi6 802.11AX: C9115AX, C9117AX, C9120AX, C9124AX Outdoor, C9130AX
WiFi5 802.11AC wave 2: 3802, 2802, 1802, 1500 Outdoor
WiFi5 802.11AC: 3702, 2702, 1702, 1500 Outdoor
WiFi4 802.11N: AP3602, AP2602, AP1602, AP1142

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

Cisco WLCs manage internet hardware connections of large quantities of APs, allowing wireless electronics to connect to a network. The point is to maintain authentication between APs to increase control and visibility, while simplifying the monitoring of components. The primary job of WLCs is to authenticate computers on a given network to avoid unscrupulous wireless devices that roam. They also offer hotspot coverage and offer easy upgrades, connectivity reliability, ease of deployment, layer 3 roaming, VoIP, and reduce the overall costs associated with wireless network infrastructure.

C9800, CT5520, CT3504, CT5508, CT7000, CT800

HPE Aruba Wireless Access Points

Curvature’s sourcing capabilities enable customers to access a wide range of HPE Aruba Wireless Access Points, encompassing various models with different Wi-Fi standards (e.g., 802.11ac, 802.11ax), radio configurations, and antenna options. Additionally, our technical support team provides on-site assistance during deployment, optimization, and troubleshooting, guaranteeing a smooth and successful implementation of Aruba’s wireless solutions tailored to customers’ specific technical requirements and business objectives.

Indoor Acces Points: 6XX Series
Outdoor Acces Points: 3XX Series, 5XX Series

HPE Aruba Wireless Controllers

HPE Aruba wireless controllers manage and optimize wireless communication within enterprise environments. These controllers provide centralized control over access points, enabling connectivity, mobility, and security. With features like dynamic RF management and integrated security protocols, HPE Aruba controllers ensure reliable and high-performance wireless networking, enhancing user experiences while maintaining network integrity. Their scalability and robust management capabilities make them a preferred choice for organizations seeking efficient and secure wireless network solutions.

650, 7000, 7200, 9000, 9200

Wireless Accessories

Look no further than Curvature for your wireless accessory needs. Curvature offers a vast selection of accessories for your Cisco and Fortinet APs to ensure a smooth and high-performance wireless network. Accessories include rails, power injectors, antennas, and transceivers.

Tips to make the most of your wireless hardware: Make sure your router is in the best possible location and keep it updated, make sure your antenna is the strength you require, use a WiFi booster and extender, control applications that over-use bandwidth.

Wireless Components, Antennas, Mounting Brackets

Why Curvature?

Most data centers and enterprise networks have IT infrastructure from multiple OEMs. When it’s time to refresh or upgrade, you benefit when you have an industry-leading supplier such as Curvature.

In addition, after an asset goes End of Life (EoL), End of Service Life (EoSL), or End of Sale (EoS), you still need to find the gear to keep your data center running. Curvature can source equipment long after an OEM stops manufacturing or servicing the parts.

Business Benefits

The benefits of optimizing your enterprise and data center networks with equipment from Curvature cannot be overstated:

Reduction of overall costs leads to increased return on investment (ROI) on IT infrastructure
Sourcing hard-to-find or EOSL parts
Data center managers can rest easy knowing that hardware is optimized, and service is quick and efficient
Improved performance, reliability, and scalability
Match your existing infrastructure
Free up resources and capital to reinvest in other projects that require upgraded technology

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