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Hardware and Remote Configuration.

Curvature’s value-added services include Hardware and Remote Configuration.

This is to ensure a smooth and optimal transition from hardware purchase to deployment. Why build your device, when Curvature can do it for you?

Hardware Configuration

Curvature will completely build out your modular router, server, or switch before it ships. Avoid the time and hassle of unboxing every component and card to build your device and have Curvature do it for you. Through our Hardware Configuration service, you can comfortably sit back knowing that a team of specialized engineers will outfit your device to your exact specifications. Plus, configuring before shipment will save you on both freight costs and installation time.

Below you can see a Server being fully configured for a customer prior to shipment:


Remote Configuration

Avoid the trouble of shipping a device to your main receiving center for configuration, just to subsequently deploy the hardware to its final destination. Curvature’s Remote Configuration service provides customers with the ability to securely remote into their purchased devices before they ship, allowing you to configure and prep the devices without needing to leave your office!

Our Remote Configuration Safeguards and Best Practices:

Devices are fully tested and configured prior to remote configuration by qualified technicians.
Secure username and password protected accounts are created for each individual account.
Devices are connected on their own dedicated line behind the firewall for optimal security.
Configuration credentials are sent to you for secure access.
Once your configuration is complete, we will securely package up your devices for shipment.
We offer two types of remote configuration. Network Terminal Server for Networking equipment and the Server and Storage VPN Bench for Server and Storage equipment.

Network Terminal Server

Curvature’s Network Terminal Server is a FREE service provided by our operations technicians. It allows remote access for clients to configure their network devices prior to shipping.

Server and Storage VPN Bench

Curvature’s Server and Storage VPN Bench is a FREE service provided by Operations Technicians. It allows remote access for clients to configure their server or storage devices prior to shipping.

How it works:

Step 1: Procure

Purchase pre-owned and new network devices fully tested from our stocked operation centers in the Santa Barbara, Singapore, and Amsterdam.
Gain secure access to these remote operation centers across the globe.

Step 2: Configure

Configure those devices according to your business needs via remote access, no matter where you are located.

Step 3: Secure

Ship order to the global data center where the device will be placed.
Devices arrive at the location ready for plug-and-play.
No more unpacking, configuring, and repacking at the main receiving center – simply ship the assets to their final destination.

How it works:

Step 1: Procure

You gain secure remote access from our operations centers in Santa Barbara, Singapore, and Amsterdam.

Step 2: Configure

You remote in and configure devices according to your business needs.

Step 3: Secure

These configured devices are then shipped directly to your desired site, ready for plug-and-play.
You no longer need to receive all devices at one central location, unbox, configure, and ship to remote sites. The work has already been done.
If you have multiple remote locations and lean IT teams, this service gives you back time and makes your workflow more efficient.

Who Benefits:

  • Companies with many small or remote offices lacking onsite IT staff.
  • Clients deploying multiple units to different sites.
  • Clients requiring configurations to be loaded on multiple machines.

Why Curvature?

Most data centers and enterprise networks have IT infrastructure from multiple OEMs. When it’s time to refresh or upgrade, you benefit when you have an industry-leading supplier such as Curvature.

In addition, after an asset goes End of Life (EoL), End of Service Life (EoSL), or End of Sale (EoS), you still need to find the gear to keep your data center running. Curvature can source equipment long after an OEM stops manufacturing or servicing the parts.

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