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Pre-Owned HPE Aruba
Wireless Controllers

As a leading provider of networking solutions, Curvature offers Pre-Owned HPE Aruba Wireless Controller cutting-edge solutions. We provide a distinct competitive advantage over other manufacturers, empowering businesses with a suite of advanced features and capabilities. With a focus on robust security, roaming, and scalability, HPE Aruba Wireless controllers ensure unparalleled performance and reliability for modern wireless networks.

Curvature recognizes the importance of integration and centralized management. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions that streamline network administration and optimize performance. We equip organizations with in-depth network analytics and insights, enabling data-driven decision-making for enhanced efficiency. Embrace the future of wireless networking with Curvature’s Pre-Owned HPE Aruba Wireless controller solutions, setting new standards for connectivity, security, and productivity.

Centralized Management
Advanced Security
Scalable Architecture
Network Analytics
User Authentication
Access Control


650 Wireless Controller

650 Wireless Controller is a network device that manages and controls wireless access points within a local area network (LAN). It provides centralized management, security, and configuration capabilities for wireless networks. This model fits small to medium-sized businesses or organizations with moderate wireless network demands.

7000 Wireless Controller

7000 Wireless Controller is an advanced network appliance that centralizes platforms for managing and controlling mid-size campus and brand wireless networks. It offers enhanced scalability and performance compared to the 650 models, making it suitable for medium to large-sized enterprises with higher wireless traffic requirements.

7200 Wireless Controller

7200 Wireless Controller is a high-performance network controller designed for large-scale deployments and complex wireless environments. It offers comprehensive management, security, and optimization features for handling numerous wireless access points and clients. This controller caters to large enterprises and organizations with demanding wireless networking needs.

9000 Wireless Controller

9000 Wireless Controller or Gateway is a cutting-edge, enterprise-grade network controller that provides advanced features for managing and securing wireless networks at an extensive scale. It offers high performance, reliability, and extensive capabilities to handle numerous wireless devices and users. This controller accommodates large enterprises and service providers with highly demanding wireless environments and can also join a controller cluster when deployed as a Mobility Controller.

9200 Wireless Controller

9200 Wireless Controller or Gateway is a state-of-the-art wireless network management solution that delivers top-notch performance, security, and scalability for the most demanding wireless networking requirements. With advanced features and capabilities, this model accommodates large enterprises, universities, and organizations with highly complex and high-density wireless deployments. 9000 Series Gateways can also be re-purposed as Mobility Controllers.

Business Benefits

The benefits of optimizing your enterprise and data center networks with equipment from Curvature cannot be overstated:

Reduction of overall costs leads to increased return on investment (ROI) on IT infrastructure
Sourcing hard-to-find or EOSL parts
Data center managers can rest easy knowing that hardware is optimized, and service is quick and efficient
Improved performance, reliability, and scalability
Match your existing infrastructure
Free up resources and capital to reinvest in other projects that require upgraded technology

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