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5 Things You May Not Know About Servers

At Curvature, we take a lot of pride in presenting product insights to customers, so they can make the best decision possible when selecting a server, storage, or network device. We want our customers to feel they are getting the best performance out of their new machine, at the best possible price. Being in business for over 37 years, we’ve archived a significant amount of knowledge around HPE, Dell EMC, and Cisco products.

Below are some of the common server facts we find our customers are surprised to learn.

1. At a component level, servers may not vary as much as you think from generation to generation. Typically, processors and memory are the only core components that change within a server and it’s typically a small change that may not impact your existing application. Keep in mind, the data transfer rate and the power consumption do improve in current-generation servers.

2. Servers last longer than you think. The typical upgrade cycle is 3 years; however, recent analyst research documented that servers can last anywhere between 6 to 10 years due to server hardware improvements. These CPU and memory improvements help servers meet or exceed software minimum requirements for well over 3 years.

3. Server OEMs don’t manufacture their own memory. Curvature provides tier-1 memory from Hynix, Micron, and Samsung without the high price tag and sticker shock. Curvature memory is 40% to 60% off list price, immediately available, and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it the most cost-effective approach to adding performance to your data center.

4. Blade Server Technology provides significantly more density and less footprint all while providing less power consumption and more efficient cooling and cable consolidation.

5. If you are looking to conserve more power, current generation servers are more power-efficient as manufacturers improve the component design.

Interested in more facts about servers? Contact us to learn more about Curvature’s server business.

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