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Boosting Server Performance with Your Last Few Budget Dollars

Server Memory Upgrades: Why Curvature Should Be Your Go-to Partner!

If you are facing limited IT budgets remaining in 2023, Curvature can help get the most out of your last few dollars. Server memory upgrades are one of the most common requests we see towards the end of the year, as organizations look to get increased performance out of their existing server investments.

Curvature has a unique role in the market with our ability to provide lower-cost options than you will get from your Value-Added Reseller (VAR). Your normal VAR is incentivized to sell you new servers, not component upgrades, so they will often inflate pricing for memory upgrade requests to make that shiny new server purchase look even more enticing. Partnering with Curvature means you get access to deep discounts, extreme quality control, expert pre-sales engineering support, and quick availability to meet your project deadlines.

By considering upgrades to your existing servers, you prolong the life of your capital investments in a time when approvals for new investments can be hard to find. The savings we offer allow you to increase the amount of memory you might receive for your given budget or reallocate those savings to other areas of your infrastructure.

32GB and 64GB DIMMs represent the most common capacities used for server memory upgrades, mainly due to their sweet spot for cost per gigabyte. The table below represents the maximum memory capacities for some of the most widely deployed server models using either 32GB or 64GB DIMMs.

  Maximum Capacity 
OEM Generation Models # of CPUs DIMM Slot 32GB DIMMs 64GB DIMMs
Dell 14G R440/R540/M640 2 16 512 GB 1024 GB
Dell 14G R640/R740/MX740c 2 24 768 GB 1536 GB
Dell 14G R840/R940/MX840c 4 48 1536 GB 3072 GB
Dell 15G R450/R550/R650xs/R750xs 2 16 512 GB 1024 GB
Dell 15G R650/R750/MX750c 2 32 1024 GB 2048 GB
HPE Gen10 BL460c/DL160/DL180 2 16 512 GB 1024 GB
HPE Gen10 DL360/DL380 2 24 768 GB 1536 GB
HPE Gen10 Synergy 480 2 24 768 GB 1536 GB
HPE Gen10 DL560/DL580  4  48 1536 GB 3072 GB
HPE Gen10 Plus DL360/DL380  2  32 1024 GB 2048 GB
HPE Gen10 Plus Synergy 480  2  32 1024 GB 2048 GB
Cisco  M5 B200/C220/C240  2  24 768 GB 1536 GB
Cisco  M5 C480  4  48 1536 GB 3072 GB
Cisco  M6 B200/C220/C240  2  32 1024 GB 2048 GB

Unmatched Quality Control

All memory Curvature sells is backed by our lifetime warranty. While that is fantastic for our customers, it also holds us accountable for setting the bar when it comes to inspection, testing, and quality control. All memory modules we sell are put through a rigorous process that includes magnified inspection of all memory components and connector pins, address and moving inversion testing, random number sequencing, thermal stress testing, and checking for uncorrectable-error, pre-failure analysis thresholds.

Only once a module has passed our quality control processes, we put those modules into our sellable inventory. We maintain millions of dollars of inventory in our strategically placed distribution centers in the US, EMEA and APAC to meet your global needs.

Expertise You Can Count On

Upgrading memory is not always as easy as just ordering a few more sticks of RAM. Each server and CPU combination can have various capacity, speed, and memory population rules that must be followed. Sometimes a full rip-and-replace will be required to achieve your target memory capacity; other times, you can simply add modules to your existing environment. In either situation, let Curvature take the work off your plate. Our expert presales engineering team can evaluate your current CPU/memory configuration and outline the best path to getting your desired results.

Reach out to Curvature today to schedule a call and discuss your needs.

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