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New Ask The Expert Video: Broadcom Acquisition of VMware Overview Pt. 2
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Curvature is Evolving

We have seen great brands evolve: Apple changed from multi-colored to silvery sleek, Windows went from 3-D to flat, and the Golden Arches morphed into a single clean “M.”

Why do brands evolve? They evolve for many reasons but most of all, they evolve to signify change. Change in services, change in philosophy, change to showcase something new.

Curvature is evolving. Having merged with our largest competitor, Curvature has become the undisputed leader in independent multi-vendor support with best-in-class IT services, products, and solutions. And we needed a new identity to showcase that.



What does Curvature mean?

Curvature (noun) is the degree to which a curve deviates from a straight line.

Why Curvature defines who we are as a business:

Curvature is about deviation – our solutions deviate from the established industry norms set by manufacturers and other IT service providers.

Curvature is about flexibility – offering custom IT products, services, and solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Curvature is about breadth – by bringing together the complementary skills of SMS and Curvature, we can provide end-to-end solutions across hardware, data centers, and maintenance.

Curvature is about the future – our company and solutions look to the future on the horizon as well as peering beyond.

Curvature is about global capabilities – like the curvature of the earth, we think global but act local.

Curvature in a whole new way.

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