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Dell Memory and SSD Price Hike: Heads Up!

Product Update: Dell Memory and SSD Price Hike

IT Leaders! Hold on to your server racks! Dell recently announced price increases on memory (DRAM) and solid-state drives (SSDs). We are hearing that some estimates suggest a jump of up to 20% [1]. This industry-wide trend in increasing component costs can put a lot of pressure on your IT budget. Understanding the “why” behind the price hike can help you navigate your options.

What’s driving the demand?

  • Supply and Demand: There is a growing demand for memory and SSDs due to the booming field of AI. This surge in demand is straining available supply. We can attest to that as Curvature is on pace to have a record year in Server, Memory, and SSD sales.
  • Production Slowdowns: Memory chip manufacturers scaled back production in the past to address inventory issues. This of course created a situation in which supply is limited. Coupled with the surge in demand, now you have a price increase.

What are your options?

  1. Buy the SSDs and DRAM today, before Dell raises its prices. Dell has stated it is raising prices in August.
  2. Consider Dell’s Certified Pre-owned Options (CPO). Dell sells a variety of certified pre-owned servers that are a fraction of the price of new.
  3. Plan ahead: If an upgrade is inevitable, consider buying compatible memory and SSDs in advance.

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