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Gartner IOSS: An Independent Provider Takes Center Stage

SMS | CURVATURE took center stage, alongside Google, as a Premier Sponsor at the recent Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando, Florida from May 8-10.

At an event that brings together top IT strategists, innovators and solution architects to learn about the newest trends impacting change in the IT landscape, SMS | CURVATURE stood alone. Our message, “Learn how to leverage your dependable networking, server and storage devices so you have the freedom and flexibility to incorporate these new technology upgrades into critical areas of your network and data center,” resonated with the audience. In other words, keep what is working.

So how does a company whose core message is “hold on to what you got” fit in alongside innovators paving the way in new technology? It’s actually quite simple: don’t buy new if you don’t need to. It’s easy to get mixed up with the notion that new is always better, but this is truly a notion. Also, how is “better” defined? Does new always really mean better? The highest failure rate of any new product most often occurs in the first 90 days. With the test of time, these problems go away because time allows manufacturers to work out kinks. Many new products — especially tech-driven products — have kinks.

What does partnering with SMS | CURVATURE allow you to do? It actually helps corporations embrace the “right” new innovation. Invest in “necessary new” things that give your IT infrastructure a substantial increase in performance, not just a shiny new box. Areas like security and wireless should be upgraded on schedule, but other assets across your network and data center are working just fine, so why rip and replace thus disrupting your perfectly good IT ecosystem? Not only do you keep your IT infrastructure humming, but you free up spend that can now be put toward investments that matter. You no longer have to look at your budget and try to squeeze out enough just to keep the lights on. As an IT decision maker, you get to think strategically about what to put money toward that will truly matter.


At our Gartner IOSS speaking session, SMS | CURVATURE’s North America Head of Sales, Holger Peters, spoke to a packed room about “How to Stay on Budget and Innovate in 2017 and Beyond.”

So while this event focuses on the newest trends in IT, breaking from the norm, charting new paths, and offering up new strategies is also considered innovation. Innovation to do things better, smarter.

While embracing the future through new technologies is the right step, looking at them through a critical lens and determining which ones are right for your business will empower your company to be stronger, more nimble and more efficient.


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