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Is Your Business Focusing on the Wrong Thing?

As companies adapt to the fast-paced changes of virtualization, the cloud, and information management, they must reassess the way they allocate their IT dollars to make room for innovation. We’ve seen that, often times, when it comes to IT procurement, businesses are focusing on the wrong thing. Companies are spending too much time trying to shave hardware costs when they can actually save more if they refocus their strategy on maintenance contracts and refresh cycles.

Combining market research from Forrester Consulting and Gartner, Curvature has put together The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations to educate businesses on giving their IT budgets a makeover to create room for new technologies. In this state of the market report, we address the challenge that IT decision-makers face: the pressure to reduce costs paired with the pressure to progress digital maturity.

But the good news is you’re not alone. Because the compiled research includes data from hundreds of IT decision-makers, it’s clear that your peers are experiencing the same challenges you are struggling with. We’ve seen that companies allocate too much of their budget to refresh cycles and maintenance contracts because they have been pressured to make these investment decisions under vendor influence. This Infrastructure & Operations report discerns which issues dominate IT priorities, observes when equipment upgrades occur, reveals motives behind those upgrades, and examines third-party maintenance awareness. Learn from your peers to avoid these IT challenges and read the full report here.


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