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Save Time, Money, and Hassle with Value-Added Services

Enterprises and data centers always need more than just the product. In addition to keeping everything running and everyone happy, there are always tasks to perform. A small organization does not always have the bandwidth to give each job the attention it demands.

There are some necessities in every enterprise or data center network, but in addition, there are also things we want. For instance, you absolutely have to maintain uptime and keep costs as low as possible — and we all want to save some time.

The challenge is that faulty equipment exists, assets simply grow old, budgets shrink, and networks need to grow. There can be insufficient funding to buy new equipment or the staff to implement it. All of this, with tight deadlines, makes it difficult to manage your network.

Do you have a relationship with an IT vendor that can quickly respond to your needs and provide network, server, and storage hardware within weeks, not months? This is where Curvature can help.

What if you didn’t need to do it all yourself, and getting help didn’t completely usurp your entire budget? When you call Curvature, we offer other valuable services, in addition to providing the equipment, to keep your costs low and save you time.

Services include:

  • Immediate response – Expect to receive responses within the hour. Most basic quotes (depending on complexity) will be back to you within 30 minutes.
  • Free assessments and consultations based on availability – Contact one of our secondary market experts to design your next network upgrade by the availability of product — not by what the OEM wants you to buy.
  • Hardware configuration – Curvature will completely build up your modular switch or router before it ships. Avoid the time and hassle of unboxing every component and card to build the switch, and have Curvature do it for you.
  • Remote Configuration – Avoid the trouble of bringing a device to your location to configure it and then ship it to its deployed location. Curvature gives you the ability to remote into your devices, before they ship, to configure and prep the device without needing to leave your office.

Curvature offers very specific services you can immediately receive to save your time and money. Receive fast responses and take advantage of our configuration abilities, and free assessments. Contact your Curvature Account Rep today or contact us here.

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