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The SSD Blind Taste Test

You’re probably familiar with the blind taste test. It’s the one that has the same type of product from two or more different companies being tested against one another by end users. The brand names and any other identifiable features are hidden so the consumers are judging the quality and experience of the product without any other information to sway their choice. One of the most famous blind taste tests was the Pepsi Challenge, which started back in 1975. More recent iterations can be seen on America’s Test Kitchen.

The blind taste test is meant to be the ultimate equalizer. It asks end users to focus on what they’re really experiencing, using a product versus an imagined perception of that experience.

For our blind taste test, we want to ask you:

  1. How much is 2 million hours of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) worth in a solid-state drive?
  2. What about compatibility across multiple manufacturers using a single firmware? When it comes to your legacy server infrastructure, these are just some of the features that you look for in an SSD.

Click here for the PDF.

Here’s something you may find surprising: These sorts of best-in-class features aren’t something you’ll only get by using traditional manufacturers’ equipment. In fact, you’re probably paying 60% more and waiting longer than you need to for drives that Curvature can supply. Our drives come from the same exact suppliers used by the original equipment manufacturers. That means, besides the label on the front, you’re drinking the same cola; but only our drives come with the addition of a limited lifetime warranty with advanced replacement.

Compare the facts without brand-name prejudice, and you will soon understand the many advantages Curvature offers. Don’t miss you and contact us today!

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