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New Ask The Expert Video: Broadcom Acquisition of VMware Overview Pt. 2
Click here to watch our second discussion on the new VMware by Broadcom landscape.


Welcome to Curvature

NHR becomes Curvature.

From the very beginning we believed there was a better way to manage your IT needs. We had a vision that we could revolutionize the typical IT supply chain and extract far more value than the traditional OEM-sponsored approach. We could help companies cut costs and improve efficiencies where 90% of their dollars are spent—the maintenance and management of existing, commoditized infrastructure. Our customers would have more time and money to focus on the things that really matter, like investment in new technologies and R&D.

Welcome to Curvature.

To be honest, this change is long overdue. We transformed the secondary market for networking equipment many years ago by offering not only compelling prices, but also the longest warranties, highest quality, and unmatched global logistics. Since 2008, we have offered NetSure, a maintenance option for equipment of any age at a fraction of the cost of SmartNet. In 2010 we expanded our secondary market product line and maintenance offerings to include servers and storage from HP and Dell. And recently, our range of products has expanded further into partnerships with leading manufacturers like Arista, Dell, Supermicro, VM Ware, A10 Networks, and Fortinet. We have been Curvature for quite some time…

Today, we provide customers with solutions from nine locations spanning across the globe, with plans to continue to expand our reach every year. Our NetSure maintenance will soon be augmented by a full managed-services offering that will be bundled with remote monitoring and management, optimization, and onsite support in virtually every region around the globe.  Curvature will also soon be launching an IaaS offering.

Its time our name reflects these capabilities and points to our future.

This is an exciting time in our company’s history. Our founder’s guiding words were “This company is about achieving excellence—every day, every deal, every customer, every time.” We will relentlessly provide you with the best possible customer service. Curvature will give you more options, choices, and high-value alternatives to manage your network, your way. We look forward to sharing this next chapter with you.

Your sales team will be reaching out to provide you with more details on our name change and our exciting new offerings.


Mike Sheldon
President and CEO, Curvature
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