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SIM Women's "Woman of Service Award" announced, Curvature CIO honored

SIM Women, a network inside SIM that promotes communication, mentorship, leadership and career development amongst the female members of SIM, named its 2018 Woman of Service Award winner at the SIM Women Leadership Summit on September 27 in Schaumburg, IL.

The Woman of Service Award was created in honor of SIM New Jersey member, and founding member of SIM Women, Beth Everett. Beth led an incredible life of service and she and her husband were lost to us in Superstorm Sandy. She served on multiple boards, mentored dozens, and donated her talent and treasure to over seven non-profit organizations. Read more about Beth Everett and the award here.

This year’s Woman of Service Award winner is Elizabeth Austin, a founding member of the Charlotte Chapter of SIM and the CIO of Curvature. Elizabeth received three individual nominations, each one highlighting the numerous ways that Elizabeth embodies the spirit of the Woman of Service Award.

“Elizabeth has been at the forefront of paving a path forward for all STEM initiatives and she is the cornerstone for all community outreach objectives. STEM Outreach [is] squarely embedded in the fabric of Charlotte SIM members, as well as its leadership, and Elizabeth gives of her time and effort to ensure that STEM Outreach in our community is handled admirably. The importance and passion for STEM is evident in everything that Elizabeth does…

…Additionally, Elizabeth believes that mentoring is a critical success factor in career advancement of women. She has mentored countless students from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and continues to be actively involved at the university level,” reads one nomination.

Another nomination describes Elizabeth’s positive impression on the lives of those in her community. “I have known Elizabeth well over a decade and seen first-hand the dedication, focus, and leadership that the spirit of this award ornately represents. The impact Elizabeth has made on our community has richly enhanced the lives of many – of those who are at a disadvantage or not in a position to excel on their own. She has selflessly dedicated her all to our teachers and our youth creating opportunities, excitement and hope. Through Elizabeth’s selfless acts of kindness and a passionate heart to equip those less fortunate with the tools and skills to better their lives.”

Included in one of Elizabeth’s nominations was an extensive list of volunteer experiences, along with details of tangible financial impact on dozens of organizations. Elizabeth’s genuine desire to lead a life of service embodies the spirit of the Woman of Service Award and SIM Women is honored to recognize her contributions and her impact to her community. Congratulations Elizabeth!

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