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How to Hack Your IT Budget for Innovation & Cost Optimization

On May 8th the Gartner IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit kicks off in Florida. It’s primarily a summit that, in the past, has focused on how to capitalize on the big new trends in IT. Things like security and the cloud have been hot topics – and for good reason. Case in point: this year Google Cloud is a Premier Sponsor, with a prominent spot on the event page’s site. This level is shared by only one other exhibitor – the newly merged SMS | CURVATURE.

So what is a company that specializes in pre-owned hardware and third-party maintenance (among other things) doing positioning itself next to a behemoth like Google at an event that skews heavily towards cloud storage, security, and new strategies?

We’ve been in the IT space for decades, which means we’ve seen a lot of the “next great thing.” And it’s been exciting. It also has been expensive. And sometimes hard to budget for.

SMS | CURVATURE is a Premier Sponsor at an event that does not directly sell its services because our years servicing hardware and maintenance in the IT space have given us the ability to offer our clients something other than a specific product. Through our years of working and growing alongside our clients we’ve become expert budgetary strategists. 

We invite you to learn how by attending President Mike Sheldon’s talk on May 9th at Gartner IOSS. His talk will explain how you can use the equipment you already have now to future-proof your budget so you can always save room for innovation.



Click here to read the Gartner IOSS post event blog.

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