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Ask the Expert: Data Migration and Third Party Maintenance

How easy is it to move data?

Between traditional, on-premises data centers, hosted/collocated data centers, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through the large cloud providers, where to store your data and run your business critical applications is now a source of significant complexity in the IT world. Understanding your application set and business needs, then determining where best to run those applications and store their data presents a host of challenges both old and new.

So where does Third Party Maintenance fit into all of this? Or better yet….what IS Third Party Maintenance?

Join us for an engaging discussion with Curvature’s IT infrastructure experts to learn:

  • What Third Party Maintenance (TPM) is and how it has become a vital market segment focused first and foremost on the client’s needs
  • How TPM can cost-effectively extend the life of IT assets and align the lifetime of those assets to your application and software lifecycles
  • How TPM can enable you to manage major IT infrastructure transitions in a much more cost effective manner

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