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New Ask The Expert Video: Broadcom Acquisition of VMware Overview Pt. 2
Click here to watch our second discussion on the new VMware by Broadcom landscape.


Driving ROI and Innovation with the Cloud & Hybrid Data Center Consolidation

Cloud Providers love to highlight how easy driving new business innovation, creating new market opportunities and driving rapid experimentation using the cloud is– all at a fraction of today’s cost. Yet, the reality of today’s enterprise is much more complicated: expensive applications, capital infrastructure and a growing need to adapt and accelerate without compromising business performance. Curvature, powered by CloudLogic, focuses on ways IT leaders can evolve their portfolio of applications and services to not only survive, but embrace the opportunity.

Join Curvature and Cloud Logic experts for an informative discussion, where you’ll learn more about:

  • How the cloud can change the “infrastructure game”
  • Why Infrastructure and Platform as a Service in the public cloud isn’t always the best answer
  • Use cases for public cloud, private cloud and hybrid models to create business value
  • How to prioritize and measure whether the cloud actually drives ROI for specific teams
  • How data is the new currency for today’s enterprise and how the cloud flattens the field

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