The Adventures of an Accidental Technologist | Curvature
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The Adventures of an Accidental Technologist

What does the path to a successful career in technology look like?

Join us as we listen to Elizabeth Austin, Chief Information Officer at Curvature – a leading provider of third party maintenance services – share how she not only ascended to, and thrived in a male-dominated role, but also how technology was not her original goal. She’ll share some of the most important lessons learned in her career thus far, including:

  • Traversing the path from high-volume manufacturing/distribution to data centers
  • Tips on how to survive and thrive in a male-dominated work environment
  • How to be an endless seeker of problem-solving and learning opportunities to fuel career growth
  • Insights from the SMS-Curvature merger and the evolution of an integrated IT global leader
  • The “two-way” value of being part of a bigger picture (e.g., Society of Information Management and STEM-related initiatives)

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