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LAN Access Switches

Curvature provides current, previous generation, and legacy Cisco LAN access switches. Your network can adapt to new needs, and you can optimize deployments with Cisco LAN access switches. You can design your network based on availability.

With a combination of wired and wireless Cisco Catalyst switches, you increase security even as you simplify your infrastructure. You receive better reliability and efficiency while scaling your system.

You also access innovative features that help you lower TCO as you increase visibility and control. You can ensure that you meet your business and networking needs by viewing Cisco’s entire portfolio. Cisco Catalyst LAN Switches do it all.

Increased security
Simplified networks
Improved reliability
Increased efficiency
Lowered TCO
Increased visibility
Improved control
Wired and Wireless access

Types of LAN Access Switches

Catalyst 9200 Series

Catalyst 9200 Series switches provide simplified security, increased resiliency, reduction in costs, and superior programmability. Plus, they help you optimize your architecture by providing power and fan redundancy and increased, stackable bandwidth.

Catalyst 9300 Series

Catalyst 9300 Series switches improve cloud access, IoT, mobility, and security. With the ability to host containers, these switches can run third party applications. Plus, their efficient architecture and high resiliency allow them to provide a high density of UPoE ports.

Catalyst 3650 Series

Catalyst 3650 Series switches support up to 25 access points and give you both wired and wireless switches with 40 Gbps. While this series passed its EOL in October 2021, we have plenty in stock and ready to ship to you.

Catalyst 3750 Series

Catalyst 3750 Series switches increase the operational efficiency of LAN through high resiliency and stackability. In addition, they are environmentally friendly.

Catalyst 3750E & 3750G Series

Catalyst 3750E and 3750G Series switches have reached EOL, but we have plenty in stock to keep your network infrastructure performing at a high level for a long time to come. Moreover, we can provide you with 3750X Series switches, which are the best replacement if needed.

Catalyst 3750X Series

3750X Series switches are layer 3 managed switches and are the best replacement for the Catalyst 3750E and 3750G Series switches.

Catalyst 3850 S & E Series

3850 S and E switches are stackable up to nine switches. 3850 Switches are multigigabit switches that offer improved access and quicker aggregation.

Catalyst 2960 Series

2960 switches are no longer supported by Cisco, but many switches in this series continue to offer great features.

Catalyst 2960X Series

2960X switches are layer 2 and layer 3 access switches that are stackable and affordable.

Catalyst 2960XR Series

2960XR Ethernet switches allow you to connect multiple devices such as other switches, servers, routers, and phones.

Catalyst 2960L Series

2960L Series switches support 24 and 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, offer fanless operation for extreme temperatures, and minimize power use.

Catalyst 2960+ Series

2960+ (or 2960-Plus) Series switches are fixed-configuration and offer Layer 2 switching. They are reliable, scalable, and secure—all at an affordable price point.

Business Benefits

The benefits of optimizing your enterprise and data center networks with equipment from Curvature cannot be overstated:

Reduction of overall costs leads to increased return on investment (ROI) on IT infrastructure
Sourcing hard-to-find or EOSL parts
Data center managers can rest easy knowing that hardware is optimized, and service is quick and efficient
Improved performance, reliability, and scalability
Match your existing infrastructure
Free up resources and capital to reinvest in other projects that require upgraded technology

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