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Broadcom Acquisition of VMware Overview Pt. 1 - Ask the Expert [Video]

Special Edition: Ask the Expert: VMware by Broadcom Landscape Part 1

Christine Austria and Curvature’s Server & Storage Solutions Sales Engineer, Matt Swann, return for a special series of Ask the Expert to discuss the overview on the Broadcom acquisition of VMware. In this episode, Matt provides insights into the significant changes brought about by this acquisition.

Christine: Hey everyone and welcome back to yet another episode of Ask the Expert. We’ve got an exciting one for you today. We’re going to kick start a series of episodes all month long intended to guide you through the new VMware landscape following the Broadcom acquisition. I’m joined by Matt Swann, Curvature’s Server and Storage Solutions Sales Engineer. How would you like to start today’s episode, Matt?

Matt: Hey Christine, I do first just want to say that Broadcom is still releasing information regarding the changes to their VMware offering, so some details in this video are subject to change in the future.

Christine: Thanks for noting that, Matt. Curvature will continue keeping an eye on all changes happening with this acquisition.

Matt: Of course, so I’m thinking for today, we’ll just do a quick high-level overview of what exactly changed, and in future episodes, we can dig more into the details of these changes. We’ll also show how Curvature and Park Place Technologies can support our customers during these changes. Sound good?

Christine: Sounds good. Take it away.

Matt: Sure, so the most notable change is the shift away from perpetual licensing towards subscription-based licenses. You can no longer pay the one-time fee for a perpetual license and use it indefinitely. Now, all licenses will require a recurring fee, and currently, we have seen options for 1-, 3-, and 5-year subscription options. Not only that, but licenses are going to be core-based for vSphere licensing, and capacity-based for vSAN licensing. Additionally, these subscriptions now include support by default, which was previously a separate license that needed to be purchased.

Christine: That’s a shift from CapEx to OpEx, right?

Matt: Yeah, that’s accurate. The next noteworthy change is the huge product consolidation that occurred. Whereas previously, VMware offered many unique products, Broadcom has simplified this into 3 main offerings: vSphere Standard, vSphere Foundation, and VMware Cloud Foundation. vCenter is now also included in all of these by default, which is nice.

Christine: Thanks for the overview, Matt. This is very helpful and I look forward to diving into the details soon. If you have any questions for any of our sales engineers, just leave a comment below or contact us and we’ll see you next time on our special edition of Ask the Expert.

For questions about the VMware Acquisition, reach out to one of our skilled sales engineers today.

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