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10 Things You May Not Know About Servers & Storage

    1. From a component level, servers may not vary much as you think from generation to generation.  Typically processors and memory are the only core components that change within a server and it’s typically a small change that may not impact your existing application. Keep in mind the data transfer rate and the power consumption do improve in the current generation servers
    2. Servers last longer than you think.  The typical upgrade cycle is 3 years, however, recent analyst research documented that servers can last anywhere between 6 to 10 years due to server hardware improvements.  These improvements to CPU and memory help servers meet or exceed software minimum requirements for well over 3 years
    3. Server OEMs don’t manufacture their own memory.  Curvature provides tier 1 memory from Hynix, Micron, & Samsung without the sticker shock or high price tag. Curvature memory is 40%-60% off list price, immediately available, and comes with a lifetime warranty; making it the most cost effective approach to adding performance to your data center
    4. VMware is to servers as DataCore is to Storage. DataCore virtual storage can be allocated across multiple storage devices while at the same time being OEM independent
    5. Blade Server Technology provides significantly more density and less footprint all the while providing less power consumption and more efficient cooling, and cable consolidation
    6. HGST Drives developed the first helium (yes the helium you inhaled to make a funny voice when you were 7) based drives.  Helium reduces internal friction and lowers power consumption by 23%
    7. VMware NSX is compatible with Cisco’s Nexus 3132Q.  It is well known that NSX has support from Arista, Dell, Juniper and other top-of-rack switches and manufactures. Though Cisco only markets ACI, it is indeed compatible with NSX, providing a link between the software-defined and hardware top of rack switches
    8. Increase data center security by virtualizing firewalls.  Most firewall vendors make virtual firewalls that are compatible with VMware’s Hypervisor. FireWalls like Cisco’s ASA add security features on top of virtual machines.  Adding software defined firewalls adds ease of management by adding predetermined configurations.  The Virtual firewalls can also be configured with IPSEC tunnels thus reducing the processing power of the physical firewalls
    9. DataCore Parallel I/O Software shattered the world record in price-performance for storage and hyper-converged systems.  SPC-1 Price-Performance = $0.08/SPC-1 IOPS
    10. If you are looking to conserve more power, current generation servers are more power efficient as manufacturers improve component design


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