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5 Things to Know About Cisco Meraki

Cloud computing frameworks facilitate the delivery pipelines of almost all digital services. From social media and live streaming video to Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures, cloud computing is a key part of these services.

Cloud computing is cost-effective, and this trait has catalyzed the migration of many organizations’ infrastructures there. Cisco Meraki is a highly secure cloud solution that allows users to manage Meraki network devices in a single platform. Its cloud architecture creates conveniently deployable and scalable networks that are easy to manage. In this article, we take a closer look at the most important facts you need to know about Cisco Meraki.

5 Important Facts to Know About Cisco Meraki

1. The Meaning of Meraki

Meraki is a Greek word that translates to “soul, creativity, and love.” These attributes are embodied in the Meraki Dashboard, which provides a real-time view of all users on your network. The Meraki dashboard helps create application usage policies that optimize the end-user experience and network security.

2. Simple, Cost-Effective Cloud-Managed Solutions

Meraki products offer a high degree of visibility and enterprise-level performance at cost-effective price points that are more manageable for many IT budgets. Meraki switches can be used everywhere from the Campus LAN to the Data Center, and Meraki access points are powerful and highly efficient to deploy and manage.

3. Meraki Provides a Suite of Products

Meraki offers a suite of products. Here is an overview of some of these devices:

  • Switches – Cisco Meraki switches are convenient to install, configure, and run. They provide secure performance for networks and are highly scalable. Plus, remote management provides network administrators with much greater efficiency.
  • Wireless Access Points – These routers don’t require controller hardware or installation of any management software. Moreover, Meraki access points provide broad coverage and excellent performance.
  • Security Appliances – Provide firewall protection along with wireless LAN, switching, and MDM (Mobile Device Management). All devices are easily installed and managed from any location via the dashboard.
  • Security Cameras – Capture valuable footage from any geographical location. These cameras are very easy to deploy and manage. Moreover, they offer enhanced protection with security features such as heat maps and object detection.

4. Only Buy Pre-Owned Meraki Devices That are Unclaimed

You can use preowned Meraki devices, but they must be unclaimed by the previous owner. The reason for this is that Meraki devices only work in their assigned networks. Devices can be claimed within the dashboard by entering the serial number of the device. However, some users may get a message in the dashboard that says, “The following device is already in use.” If you get this message, it means the prior owner has not unclaimed the device from their network. Only the prior owner can unclaim the device from their network.

5. Cisco Meraki Support Options with Curvature

Curvature’s Professional Services, through Park Place Technologies, will install and set-up your Meraki networking equipment and then provide ongoing world-class third party maintenance so that you enjoy maximum network uptime. With our third-party support, you can maintain your Cisco Meraki equipment past its warranty or end of service life (EOSL) and get direct access to our technical support. This support includes our fast and responsive 24/7 domestic call center, convenient phone-based diagnosis, and field engineer arrival within 4 hours after customer contact

Curvature Leads the Industry in Providing Unclaimed Preowned Meraki Devices

Given the current supply chain challenges, IT managers need a reliable Cisco Meraki partner with proven experience in cloud computing frameworks. At Curvature, we have decades of experience navigating challenges in the IT supply chain. With our vast network of OEMs, we’re able to source hard-to-find Cisco Meraki products for our customers at a moment’s notice.

We help you keep your network running with optimal performance by providing you with cost-effective Meraki device replacement options. Our networking equipment inventory is well-stocked and always available at our distribution centers around the world (AMER, EMEA, and APAC). This global reach gives you the peace of mind of Next Business Day (NBD) shipments to nearly anywhere in the world. Plus, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on almost all our products.

For more information on finding your next Cisco Meraki product, reach out to Curvature today!

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