Boost Performance & Capacity with Dell EMC Unity Expansion from Curvature


Boost Performance and Capacity with Dell EMC Unity Expansion Options from Curvature

Blog: Boost Performance and Capacity with Dell EMC Unity Expansion Options from Curvature

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly generating vast amounts of data. If you have invested in storage infrastructure, you need to make sure to get the most return out of said investments. To meet this growing demand for storage capacity, many organizations are turning to cost-effective, pre-owned hardware solutions to expand their existing storage footprint. We’ll explore the benefits of expanding your Dell EMC Unity storage arrays using pre-owned expansion shelves and drives, and why partnering with a company like Curvature to do so will make you a hero within your organization.

Why Expand Your Dell EMC Unity Storage Array?

Scalability: As your organization grows, so does your data. Expanding your Unity storage array allows you to seamlessly accommodate evolving storage needs without the hassle of migrating data to new systems. Unity offers extreme flexibility, whether it be just adding a few extra drives in some open slots or going all-in to expand your current array to the 16-petabyte maximum offered with the Unity 650F. Did you also know that Unity supports data-in-place conversions to replace the controllers in the lower-end models with controllers from higher models to increase performance and scalability?

Maximum Capacity by Unity Model
Model Max Drives Max Capacity (Raw)
Unity 300/300F 150 2.34 PB
Unity 350F 150 2.4 PB
Unity 400/400F 250 3.9 PB
Unity 450F 250 4.0 PB
Unity 500/500F 500 7.8 PB
Unity 550F 500 8.0 PB
Unity 600/600F 1,000 9.7 PB
Unity 650F 1,000 16.0 PB


Cost Savings: Looking to the secondary market for Unity Disk Array Enclosures (DAEs) and drives is a savvy financial move. With budgets always facing scrutiny, companies that leverage pre-owned Unity hardware can recognize savings of up to 90% off OEM list price. This means you can maximize your storage capacity without breaking the bank and reallocate those savings to other critical areas of your infrastructure.

Unity 2U 25×2.5″ DAE Expansion Shelf with 25x 3.2TB Flash Drives
List Price Curvature Price Discount
$264,104 $27,850 90%


Enhanced Performance: Expanding your Unity storage array also means boosting its performance. Whether you need additional storage space or faster data access, the myriad of expansion options available are designed to provide the performance improvements necessary to meet your specific requirements.

Why Partner with Curvature on your Dell EMC Unity Expansion Needs?

Extensive Experience: Curvature has a deep bench of expertise to help guide you on your plans for future storage growth. When you broach storage growth with the OEMs, their goal is always to get you into their newest storage platform. Curvature takes a consultative approach with our customers to ensure you get the most out of your Unity investment. Our company has a proven track record of working with organizations of all sizes, from top financial institutions down to local community colleges, helping them optimize their Unity storage infrastructure.

Quality and Sustainability: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We are proud to contribute to the circular economy by giving new life to Unity hardware that might otherwise end up in landfills. Our extensive testing and quality control processes ensure you receive only the highest quality hardware available on the secondary market. With both an ISO 14001 Environmental Certification and a R2v3 Responsible Recycling Certification, any hardware that does not meet our top-notch quality control standards is recycled appropriately. Furthermore, we subject all our pre-owned hardware to a rigorous testing process, guaranteeing that it meets the highest industry standards. When you choose Curvature, you can be confident that you are receiving top-notch equipment that performs like new.

Availability: With access to over $100M in global inventory and our global distribution centers located in the US, EMEA, and APAC, Curvature can ensure quick availability to meet your hardware demands. No more long lead times or lack of access to hardware that has gone EOSL! We offer a comprehensive selection of expansion shelves and drives, allowing you to customize your storage solution to meet your precise needs. Whether you require additional capacity, increased performance, or both, Curvature can deliver when the OEMs can’t.

Support: Partnering with Curvature’s parent company, Park Place Technologies, we can provide the support you need for your Unity infrastructure. Park Place offers flexible SLAs and an advanced engineering team to support you when times get tough. When expanding your storage infrastructure with Curvature, you can easily bundle your purchase with Park Place Technologies’ third-party maintenance to realize cost savings on both the hardware and support!

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