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Curvature in 2015: Global Delivery and Logistics

In the realm of global delivery, our focus is always on the cutting edge, emerging markets that we can tap into and explore. With our global reach expanding, we’re constantly researching the ways we can help more organizations in more locations. As we’ve tackled global availability with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, we look now to broaden our capabilities even further and scale within more countries with the goal of streamlining the procurement process for more people in more places.

In 2015, like always, we will continue to provide equipment with world class certifications, including C-TPAT certified quality on all imports and exports globally.  Having the highest quality certifications globally is especially important when delving into new markets—it’s an intricate process that requires deep knowledge of each country’s customs and laws, especially those that are new to this service. To tackle this process, our compliance team works closely with customs and hires consultants to always maintain the highest legality. With certifications and legality confidently wrapped up, in 2015 we’re looking to expand to India, China, and Brazil to continue to stay above the needs of our customers.

We’re seeing that the networks for global vendors are increasingly complex, and customers have high expectations for providers to be highly flexible. Companies with global flexibility have a competitive edge, and this will require global vendors to expand their understanding of other transport regions.

When it comes to testing procedures, however, 2015 predictions aren’t as perceivable as, say, expanding to new continents. In order to be a tour de force in the secondary market, organizations must be constantly investing in testing infrastructure. Due to market trends, 2014 made a very large number of 40-gig interfaces readily available, so testing facilities will need to be able to handle this inventory. Additionally, the popularity of 10-gig products will require facilities to maintain testing throughput.

For Curvature, 2015 looks promising as we expand testing infrastructure to more routing and switching equipment, and for the equipment we’ve already been testing, the procedures will be more comprehensive. In short, this means more equipment and more meticulous testing.

In 2014, expanding our global reach also meant expanding our company. With the acquisition of CSU Industries, we’re now even more capable of providing our worldwide customers with unprecedented choices in IT service, support, and equipment procurement options. So in 2015, our collected efforts will strengthen our world class offerings as well as our breadth of skilled engineers.


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