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Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Security Certifications

In an era when breaches of confidential information take place on a daily basis, not only has the frequency increased, but the impact of these breaches has magnified too. Knowing that, every organization, from the White House to Wendy’s, should be seeking systematic, proactive and highly verified ways to manage the security of sensitive information.

It’s not enough to just talk the talk, however, it’s also becoming increasingly critical to invest in highly structured and validated security certifications, such as the ISO 27001. This will ensure your company maintains proper control over its information assets both internally with employee records, financial data and intellectual property as well as externally with customers and vendors. Of equal importance is making sure information shared by and with valued customers, partners and vendors also is secure.

At Curvature, our ability to walk the walk has resulted in our IT department receiving an ISO 27001 certification. This means we meet the most stringent requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). Here are five reasons why your company should be investing in this type of security certification:

  • Risk Management: ISO 27001 is centered on proactive risk management. In today’s global and online world, a company can spend endless amounts of capital on information security. A risk management methodology, therefore, is crucial to prioritize and focus investments in areas that will have the most impact. Risk management also prevents wasteful spending in areas of low risk.
  • Management System Organization: ISO 27001 provides framework and general requirements on all information security best practices (e.g., asset management, access control, cryptography, network security, etc.). The framework is organized in such a way that when applied to an IT organization, it forces structure across the entire department, including roles, responsibilities, leadership and decision-making. This ensures operations are more efficient, organized and successful. This is a priority at Curvature as we strive to keep our IT operations lean and functioning optimally in a time of constant change and increased demands. With ISO 27001, we are better prepared on all fronts.
  • Compliance Awareness: Laws and regulations at all levels of government are continually changing, so it’s crucial for IT organizations to know all legal requirements that apply to their business. A lack of control can lead to debilitating fines and PR nightmares. In addition, an organization must be fully aware of all information security-related requirements that originate in customer and supplier contracts and agreements.
  • Supplier and Customer Obligations: Speaking of the aforementioned, oftentimes, a company’s greatest areas of information security risks stem from customers and suppliers. ISO 27001 provides a framework whereby both are made aware of their impact and responsibilities related to information security. These understandings, along with continual monitoring and measuring, protect everyone’s data.
  • Customer Confidence: Service and solution providers often adapt and offer products prior to security being in place. ISO 27001 gives customers the confidence that their data is safe with you. Most likely, this will set you apart from your competitors. In some cases, especially with large companies, certifications such as ISO 27001 are required to make it to lists of approved partners.

In the realm of professional and managed services, ISO 27001 is now table stakes. Though not mandated by law, this certification ensures we take advantage of best practices and adhere to proven procedures. Curvature has benefited from our experience maintaining TL 9000/ISO 9001 certification since 2008. Adding ISO 27001 to our resume ensures customers and partners that we have the right controls in place, data is not exposed inside or outside our walls, and we can all proceed with a high level of confidence that information and systems are safe and secure.

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