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Frequently Asked Questions About Cisco Meraki

In our previous blog, “Take Back Control: Understanding Cisco and Meraki,” we provided a general overview of this powerful network management solution. However, we understand there may still be some lingering questions. That’s why we’ve compiled the top FAQs about Cisco Meraki and provided you with detailed answers to help you on your journey towards a streamlined and efficient network. Get ready to dive deeper into the world of Cisco Meraki!

Q: Will pre-owned Meraki hardware work in my network?

A: Yes, if you purchase it from Curvature! We ensure all Meraki serial numbers that we sell can be added to your Meraki Cloud Dashboard.

Q: What are the advantages of buying preowned Meraki hardware from Curvature in the secondary market vs. buying direct from Meraki?

A: Curvature typically offers much shorter lead times, lower pricing, and better reliability due to our proprietary Meraki testing process, built on decades of testing Cisco hardware.

Q: Does Meraki hardware have any residual value once I no longer need it?

A: Yes. Surplus Meraki hardware can be sold back to Curvature. Resale value will depend on the model, and products with a longer active lifespan will typically be worth more.

Q: How does Meraki licensing work on equipment sold by Curvature?

A: Meraki licensing is still required, but it is quantity-based, not serial-specific. You just need to purchase enough licenses from your Meraki partner for the devices you have active in your network.

Q: What happens when Meraki products hit End of Sale (EoS) or End of Life (EoL)?

A: Once a Meraki product passes its OEM-induced EoS or EoL date, the device will typically still work in your network environment. However, the product will no longer receive software updates and security patches, comparable to traditional Cisco EoS or EoL products.

Q: Is there anything else I need to be aware of when buying Meraki from Curvature?

A: Keep Meraki serials confidential. Anyone with a free Meraki cloud account can claim serials, rendering those devices unusable to others – even the current owner.

Q: In addition to buying Meraki licensing, do I also need OEM Maintenance for my hardware?

A: Usually not. Curvature sells Meraki with our industry-leading limited lifetime warranty including providing advanced hardware replacement. In addition, Meraki Cloud Licenses include TAC and software updates. This means Meraki SMARTnet really only provides hardware replacement. As such, your organization may be better served by having a few spares on hand instead of paying for SMARTnet.

So whether you’re a seasoned network professional or just starting to explore your options, this guide should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this powerful solution. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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