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How to Fund Your Company’s Digital Transformation

“We can help your business do more with less.” A challenge that many organizations face and a promise many IT vendors make. Finding a company that can truly execute on this promise of doing “more with less” can be a whole different story.

In a time of emerging technology and competing IT priorities, optimizing your IT environment is one way you can meet this challenge head-on. Sweating your IT assets and extending their lifecycle breathes new life into an IT budget that seems just able to maintain status quo. Employing third-party maintenance and support on legacy server, storage and networking gear means the need to upgrade and pay year-over-year is reduced significantly. This translates to huge savings. At Curvature, this is our strategy. We keep our customers up and running efficiently while also allowing them to realize huge cost savings they can put toward innovation.

To demonstrate this strategic approach, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage at the 2017 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operation Management and Data Center Summit in London last November with Dave Kelly, Global Network Operations Manager at Schneider Electric. The speaking session highlighted the important relationship between IT cost optimization and funding digital transformation. Having a Fortune 500 client like Schneider Electric share their experience on funding digital transformation by leveraging Curvature’s IT support services was of great interest to the Gartner audience.

Dave Kelly spoke to Schneider’s vision to operationalize and digitalize products over the next five years to engage more customers and drive productivity at Schneider Electric. He went on to outline the five essential pillars from which Schneider’s IT philosophy is driven:

  1. Do more.
  2. Digitalize.
  3. Innovate.
  4. Step up people.
  5. Simplify processes.

To fund this digitalization, Schneider needed to do more with less. So they moved away from vendor-led support and maintenance to third-party maintenance provided by Curvature. This decision, it emerges, reaped massive savings. Schneider Electric was able to fund much of their digitalization program through a simple decision to switch to an alternative approach to IT services.

Audience members heard how a sound strategy requires a balance between the need to support legacy equipment while simultaneously preparing for the future.

No empty promise here. Curvature delivered.

Did this switch leave Schneider exposed? I’ll use Dave Kelly’s words, not mine: “Switching to Curvature gives you everything you need, but at a fraction of the cost. We’ve never looked back.”

Welcome to Curvature. We’d love to help kick start your digital transformation. Read Gartner’s first-ever Market Guide on Third-Party Maintenance:

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