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Interop New York: The Changing Landscape

As we approach the close of day 2 at Interop New York this year, it’s hard not to think about how much the show has changed. Curvature first attended in the late 90s (as Network Hardware Resale) and immediately fell in love with the energy and the conversations we had with clients and prospects face to face. Back then we gained traction by promoting our quick-service delivery and low price. We were an alternative to the long wait times and costly expenses associated with the OEMs. Years ago we were one of many vendors representing hardware and collecting business cards.

Interop 2014 has demonstrated that we are now one of the dominating forces in the IT hardware space. While many companies have shifted to sell more software, Curvature has remained steady in continuing to do what we do best—hardware support, service, and procurement. The show has reinforced what we believe as a company, to always provide the best service to our customers. We have had amazing feedback from those that know us, and those that don’t. In a space with so many vendors, announcements and noise, it’s nice to know that a hardware provider still stands out. As the IT landscape continues to shift towards SDN, Cloud Computing and other initiatives, it’s good to know that the foundation for all of these lay within a datacenter, and Curvature will continue to service that sweet spot.

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