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Survival of the fITtest: Consumer Technology - Extinctions and Evolutions

Survival of the fITtest: Consumer Technology - Extinctions and Evolutions

We recognize that technology has always evolved alongside the consumer. In fact, looking back some of the biggest technological shifts and successes were the ones that were able to adapt themselves to the environment of the consumer market.

From the original mainframe to the first home computer, technology has gotten more personal and companies have strived to keep up.  Banks represent a successful adaptation, offering their customers electronic payment options instead of just cash or checks.  Those that have been less successful at adapting are cable television companies. They are in danger of becoming extinct as video-on-demand (VOD) providers steal consumer resources.  Flexibility, options, control, and savings are the natural forces at work within a consumer-led technology environment. Companies need to learn to adapt to survive or face extinction.  

In our infographic, we explored some of the biggest technology adaptations and extinctions in the consumer environment today. Can you think of any other IT examples that are evolving or have gone extinct?

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